feeling the bite

I am really starting to notice the stinging cold of winter! For me this is usually juuuuust when it starts. It seems to be impossible that spring is only twenty something days away. It is cooldddd. Suddenly I feel as though winter has snapped me into two. Biting cold.

And truthfully, I have not blogged. 

 The past weeks have consisted of Downton Sundays, hot tea, some snow days off, warming up the car before heading out in the morning, going one or two days without washing my hair. I have written a little (not here but elsewhere) which is nice and opening. I've been feeling quiet and hunkered-down now for what seems like forever! 

So, this post isn't really about anything. All is well. Just a check-in.

ciao, xo


spring's a comin'!

1. Street Level reversible tote \\ 2. Tieks \\ 3. j.Crew firefly earrings \\ 4. Anthro tee \\ 5. lime wallet \\ 6. lululemon shiny leggings \\ 7. t3 travel dryer \\ 8. Benefit FakeUp \\ 9. Anthro makeup bag

When you're getting ready to travel somewhere it's always fun to pick up a few treats to make the journey even sweeter! These are currently the items that I want and/or can't get enough of...and they are definitely what I want to be packing for CA in a few short weeks!

1. Street Level reversible tote. I own this beauty and love the versatility of the thin, b&w faux leather. It is super light but can hold stuff like a bucket! Wish it had more pockets, but for easy coming and going, it pretty much goes with anything. 

2. Tieks. I don't own Tieks but have seen them pop up all over my Facebook and other ads, which has sparked my curiosity because they look so darn comfortable and so fitting for travel. These remind me of Gap's city flats which fold up and come with a little baggy. The pastel shades are pretty - this ballerina pink couldn't get any more girlie. They come in pretty much every color under the sun...

3. J. Crew earrings. I lost a pair of loud rhinestone earrings not unlike these while out one night this winter...heartbroken! These are kind of like my old ones, and I am in need of a 'going out' replacement. Adds such a good amount of sparkle under my thick hair.

4. Anthro tee. Obseeeesssed with this shirt! I own it in this gorgeous light heathered grey. It is SO light and drapey. It's not ideal for cold days, but I love the ethereal look of it (even with leggings or jeans!). It is super long in the back too, so it can be worn as a tunic. The v-neck in the front is repeated in the back. Cool details, simple design. Love it and will definitely bring it to CA!

5. Lime wallet. My mom always told me growing up that a lady should have a bright wallet. Why? Because if you're looking in the depths of your bag...you should be looking for something that pops out, not blends in! I need a new wallet desperately but want one that I really love - this Tory Burch wallet is WAY out of my price range but I love the shape and color.

6. Lululemon Shine leggings. I own a pair of these and wish I could order 3,000 more. They are THE BEST. Currently sold out online, I've been unable to find another pair. I can't imagine my weekend without them, put it that way. They are comfortable, slimming, even appropriate for drinks or dinner. I love the high waist fit. 

7. t3 travel dryer. There is still research to be done on these travel dryers, but I have heard really good things about this brand. Travel dryers - especially dual-voltage international hairdryers - have a tendency to break, fizzle out, blow up (ha) with me...I put hairdryers to work. I always buy high wattage and can't seem to find out how much power this t3 packs. Jury's out on this one.

8. Benefit Fake Up. Best. concealer. ever. I am already on my second tube of this miracle stuff. I am not big into concealer, but this serves as a highlighter as well as a cover up. I sampled it first in a birchbox last year - I would definitely figure out your shade before purchasing the whole tube (although it's about $25).

9. Anthro calf hair makeup bag. This makeup bag is so cute. I've realized that I've gotten by in the makeup-bag department by using freebies from Clinique or Estee Lauder - bags where the zippers frequently break, or loose eyeshadow unfortunately explodes whilst traveling - ugh. So I've been hesitant to splurge on a new go-to makeup bag (especially with a tough exterior! calf hair!?) but hey, a girl can dream.



as you can see...the past few weeks have been very sweet! Valentine's Day was amazing, even though it was very low key without S. He found ways to make it the cutest Valentine's ever - roses at work, sneaking the delivery of a little blue box for Valentines' morning...sigh! He is the best. I am so excited to be visiting soon! And I think we could all use a nice warm sunny California breeze...it is SO cold here. Snow has been on the ground for several weeks now and we are all very much settled into that perpetual coziness/laziness of winter.

Some recent pick-me-ups: spring-hued tulips, homemade acai bowls (see recipe), starbucks finally rolling out flat whites, sundays (aka downton!).

ciao! xo


to seven years!

S and I are celebrating a big one :) I am so excited and proud of us. It is so cool to me that I've known this boy for so long. Since high school! And now, bi-coastally we are doing it. I love you.

ciao, xo