make me hot chocolate

"Make me hot chocolate!" is something I've been pleading for lately to my sister who makes THE most decadent, rich hot chocolate you've ever seen. I swear it is the best on the planet - way better than a cup at Starbucks. The recipe - which you probably think I would post - unfortunately, has to be kept a secret. BUT - you can see the trimmings on top definitely make it creamy and delicious! For best results, drink with family and/or friends and sip from your favorite mug (preferably matching ones like ours). Top with whipped cream, some mini marshmallows (or jumbo, whatever your preference), and some sundae syrup and you've got the finishing touches on one darn indulgent cuppa.

Hot chocolate is meant to be enjoyed on snowy winter days. And quite conveniently, yesterday we had a snow day! I did a lot - little preparations for grad school, caught up on blogs, work for work, a little painting/editing, and I even started reading The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck (I'm already done 1/3 of the book!). It felt like a Sunday night, but suddenly we are halfway through the week. Can't believe that it is already Wednesday.

cheers to you!
ciao, xo


cozy weekend in

^ like my holey sweater? :)

current obsessions:
  • chips and salsa.
  • my new heated mattress pad!
  • keeping my room straightened up and organized.
  • vanilla bean ice cream {and pretzels.}
  • my swell bottle
  • george harrison music every weekend morning! 
  • lavender candles
  • roaring fireplace fires
  • pollo piccata 
  • season 5 downton sundays :)
  • interior decorating dreams
  • basil pesto.
  • praying for a huge snow dump. eee! 
  • amazon prime
  • my {new} smart tv!!

This weekend was the coziest! From Saturday's post, you can tell it was a pretty snowy and indoorsy day. It called for heather grey sweats, decadent hot chocolate, and listening to george harrison tunes - which I am so into these days thanks to a CD my sister gave me. I was actually quite productive for this otherwise lazy-sounding day; I shot a new post for valentines' day (coming soon!), organized my room and prepped for the upcoming paint job, and even found time to break out the watercolors for a little painting sesh. 

How was your weekend?
ciao, xo


white slush

This time last year, we got 13" of snow. We have barely received any good dumping of snow lately, and while I was tired of it last year, I am craving a nice heaping of snow in our area. Last night a slushy mix arrived and this is the remnants of it today - cold, icy slosh that feels just as dirty as it does wet. Sigh.

I find myself today feeling very relaxed. There is a ton of work to do but I am in an putting it off and feeling kind of amicable about it. Still deciding on the color to paint my room. I am really dying to see how my room looks after I do this little 'overhaul'...I have moved lots of furniture, bought some recent additions (hello 72" mirror! woo) and got rid of a lot of knick-knacks. Still lots of work to do on that end, though..

I'm going to stop typing now because there really isn't much more to say! Enjoy your weekend, happy Saturday, and ciao! xo


on paint swatches

Growing up, I was the kid who grab hundreds of paint swatches from Home Depot whenever I was there {bored out of my mind} with my parents. I guess I didn't have a particular reason other than they looked pretty. Whenever I got home I would fan them out, look at their names, wonder out loud, "who's job is it to come up with the names of these colors? Can I have that job?" and then put them in a drawer to be long forgotten.

Last weekend I pocketed more paint swatches, but actually with the intent to paint my room. I have been at a dead standstill since, because I think hanging the swatches up in my room against the wall has confused me even more and I have noooo idea what I want, or what will look good! If you're an interior designer...help. 

A couple posts back I posted a room inspo post: all white. Which is want I want to do...mostly. But I am thinking about a punch of teal (accent wall). The problem is, my room is already dark as it is with limited sunlight and I don't want it to be darker. I think the dark color of teal will also create the illusion of a smaller room, which I don't want either...any experts out there know what I mean? My goal is to add as much natural light as possible, whether its by adding mirrors or brightening the color up.

Have you ever experimented with bold colors that you're unsure about? Have you ever done an accent wall? I am very open to tips!! thank you! 

ciao, xo