Oh California! You are too, too beautiful. I do admit that I was actually a bit homesick at a point, missing my usual go-to places and comforts of home - but the humidity has cooled down here (I can breathe!) and I am totally in love with the beachy vibes here. Having the distant cliffs of Palos Verdes and Malibu in my peripheral vision is definitely not a bad thing. 

Days are repetitive these few weeks (I'm here with S til the beginning of August) because I am car-less. So I've been getting exercise in with my new bike Wilbury and I'm making a point to find something new everyday. Whether it's a cafe, a lunch spot, a vista or overlook, or a shortcut to somewhere else...it's good. I just posted some snapshots from my daily bike adventures, actually!  I'm pinching pennies because a) I'm trying to stay on my vegan diet track after a minor taco lapse and b) we just booked a trip to Seattle! Which I am super pumped about!!! Because I get to see some family that live in the state! It is a gorgeous place, but I don't remember much seeing as the last time I was there I was 12 years old - half my life ago! 

So, if you have recommendations on what to do/see in Seattle for a super quick getaway, I'd appreciate the suggestions kindly! Til then, more beach sunsets, watching the boats, and counting the colors I see in the water...

ciao! xo
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southern cali on bicycle

helloo! just popping in from southern california with a
 quick post of what daily life {on bike!} looks like.

S bought me a blue beach cruiser, complete with basket and suuuper wide handlebars!
It is perfect for coasting along the Strand, which is made 
for walkers/bikers/skateboarders and the like.
I have been loving exploring the area by bike, locking up, and wondering around.
The height of the day - around noon - is so hot, and the sun is so strong, so I usually duck into
a cafe or some workspace to get some emails out or some reading done.
I have been limited in where I explore but I'm branching out more and more everyday!

ciao! xo

ps. my bike's name is Wilbury, named after these guys!  woo!


my first matcha

A few weeks ago, I posted about the challenges and benefits of going vegan - since then, it has gotten so much easier, and best of all, more fun. I am going to posit that going vegan seems easier in the summer, due to the constant availability of fresh and in-season produce. So I've really been enjoying it, while I generally miss dairy and chicken. I'm not a strict vegetarian, but I have really come to like - not love - the substitutions available (i.e. almond milk instead of milk). Actually, finding a way around my usual half-and-half creamer that I put into my morning coffee was very difficult.

I had heard about matcha lattes (aka green tea lattes) from one of my best Siena friends, and was immediately curious about this peculiar green coffee. This site does a beautiful job of explaining what it is (and how to make it), but to get to the point, matcha lattes are antioxidant-packed drinks that are experiencing quite a heyday on instagram right now. There's a little caffeine in matcha lattes, but after doing my reading I found that most people say that matcha leaves one relaxed rather than jittery. There is a tiny bit of caffeine, but overall it's a really delicate and light tasting latte, with a  soft taste of green tea. They can also be made with almond milk!

So since I am in California for a few weeks I decided to try it at The Source, my favorite cafe in the area. It never disappoints (except that finding seating is always difficult). I decided to go during the lunch hour, and splurged on a spicy veggie wrap to accompany my all-green matcha. You might think it an odd combo (it probably is), but it was aces. The matcha latte is definitely, in my own words, airy. It has a light and foamy quality, so much so that it almost doesn't taste like a latte at all. Aside from being beautiful, it's such a graceful little midday pick-me-up.

ciao! xo


How to Live

How do you live every day to the fullest?

It's such a daunting question. It almost gives me anxiety. As if I am supposed to leap out of bed and the crack of dawn, shout carpe-diem! and do something productive.

I was recently asked this question by Heather, a  mesothelioma survivor. When I learned more about her story, I instantly felt like my initial reaction to that question was petty, naive, and above all, selfish. I'll get into that in a bit.

Mesothelioma is type of cancer that attacks the lining of the lungs and abdomen. Its primary cause is related to asbestos exposure, and unfortunately it is commonly diagnosed in its advanced stages because it is difficult to distinguish; it mimics many symptoms of other common illnesses. Currently, there is no cure but it is treatable with chemotherapy and surgery. Heather was given mere months to live at the time of her diagnosis - but fortunately, her journey with mesothelioma resulted in her beating the odds.  Watch her video to learn more.

Can you sense why I felt so selfish about my answer to her question? We all know that sometimes it takes an extra kick or boost to realize how appreciative we should be - the phrase of "counting your blessings" comes to mind. So, to live every day to the fullest, I think I need to revisit the way I look at that question. I'm a big fan of looking at the "big picture," so I'll take on this question in the same manner. Instead of looking at every day, I want to look at life in general. How do I live? How should I live? 

In my humble opinion, slowness matters. Not rushing, not vigorously attacking a to-do list. I mean listening, appreciating, breathing, observing, and being present. It's difficult to do, especially in stressful situations or work. Optimism matters. To live with optimism, positivity, and a sunny demeanor can be difficult or even annoying to some - but I think happiness trumps all. The name of my blog, Anticipation, is loosely based off of this idea. I think having things to look forward to keeps me on my toes, curious, and enthusiastic. Lastly, the company you choose matters. Be about others. Personally, I love being with my family. I still live at home - and while that brings minor annoyances, I don't mind it in the big picture. It keeps me grounded knowing that everyone around me has their own struggles, ups and downs, tendencies and quirks. Being around people does good. I love the job I have, the people I spend my days with, the friends I see and meet, and the things we talk about. There are many other things I do to live well, but these are the essentials.

How do you live?

ciao! xo