just a teeny wish list, right?
Fall is the best for new clothes and renewing the way you dress.
I am {not so patiently} awaiting the day I get to wear my trench coat,
preferably with some cute fall ankle booties. 
A floppy hat is my current accessory crush.
And grey is my neutral color go to. 
I'm keeping my eye out lately for some bright, punchy but structured classic accessories
to go with those neutrals that I already have.
A bag, bright flats/loafers or even a cool textured eternity scarf would be lovely.
I'm also dreaming about splurging on a pair of warby parker eyeglasses - the classic round shape - 
but not sure how that would work with my face shape...

i think it's time to do a little shopping! ciao, xo



  • feeling:  so content with all things work. yes, it is challenging, but this 'let's take one day at a time' thing is working out so well for me.
  • wondering: how did I not live without an iPhone!?
  • trying new: running routes.
  • inspired byFriends anticipation. Is that a thing? yes. I haven't seen a few of my good friends in what feels like forever - even though we have been keeping in touch I am SO excited to see them. Just a few busy weekends/weeks in a row - it's been insane. I think our schedules are finally winding down as the summer ends, though. There are so many things I am dying to "cross off my list" while it is still warm, but there are so many other fun things I'd like to do as it gets a little cooler out. hello nyc day trip, byobs in the city, and fun nights out!
  • current obsession: this town.
  • dreading: late nights during my first season coaching.
  • sick of: waking up early (already! haa)
  • wishing i could wear a lot of: heels. but they kiiiill.
  • wearing a lot of: sports bras. not at work, that is.
  • thankful for: the vase of gerber daisies my sister brought home.
  • looking forward to: S coming home to visit; always my next yoga class; beach weekend
  • for lunch, eating: lots of greek yogurt, fruit, and one little teensy snack.
  • proud of myself for: sticking with running and taking it one day at a time.
  • challenged by: running and the humidity.
  • watching: re-runs of downton abbey, except the episodes where matthew and sybill die. SKIP
  • perplexed by: how my room is continually so messy; why lululemon pants are so expensive; how pumpkin spice lattes have that many calories.
what's currently going on with you!? 
ciao, xo


scenes from my weekend.

This time of the year is always so odd. 
this "easing into autumn" can be mildly confusing.
bare feet or booties?
jeans or sundresses?
amber wheat fields or fields of wildflowers?
is it fall, or is it summer? 
one day it is humid, the next it is crisp and lovely.
I am so thankful and love that we get to really see all four seasons here,
but this transition period between the two is so....awkward!
and as you can see i am stuck in between a little of both.
first it started with an iced pumpkin spice latte
(iced = it's still summer)
then i got a hot pink pedicure 
(still summer)
I had the urge to wear jeans with my nude pumps.
(this is very fall)
plus, the leaves are falling a little
the fields out back are getting brown.
and i've already had two pumpkin beers out with friends.
the bougainvillea out back is also flourishing. 
and summer fruit smoothies are still my breakfast of preference.

does anyone else know what i mean here!?
how are you dealing with this limbo?!

ciao, xo


week 9 rupdate

Helloooo, week 9! Excited to tackle you and maybe make a little gains here.

Week 8 was my first week of school - the moment of truth. Will I stick with it? Will I completely blow it off? Well, I did it. I was true to me, did what I needed to do, took it easy some days and pounded out others. I went to yoga. I heard the instructor use the phrase "honor your body." And that's my mantra right now. Doing what feels right, doing what's good for you, treating yourself with kindness rather than "suck it up! don't bitch out! go, go, GO!" if positivity works outwardly with other people, it must work inwardly, too.

Truth: I didn't run two days this week. Wednesday I had an unbelievably crazy schedule and Friday I had the intention to, but literally came home and fell asleep until 8pm (I don't want to run alone in the dark). wooooops. But it is okay. I am not going to curse myself out for missing two days, because the other days I really did try. When I know I can't run one day, I run more the day before. I don't tack on 5 more miles, just a few more yards.

Which might explain why my progress has sort of plateaued. I am at the point where 2.5 miles is my go-to, my "norm." I think 3 is a goal, but it feels so far away. MapMyRun's app is really helping me to record my miles, and I use it to count down those yards. I am noticing and learning things about myself, how I work, and one thing that I absolutely can't overcome (yet) is running through humidity. It's like I shut down, mentally. I haven't pushed myself through the humidity because it is so uncomfortable and I'd rather just do a brisk walk. So, that's another thing I guess I've got to work on.

ciao! xo