Happy Monday!
I am feeling so refreshed after a busy but much needed weekend.
First thing is first...S is HOME! I am so happy. 
It has been the most FUN few days and I am really looking forward to what is next.
I guess I've forgotten how exciting this week prior to Thanksgiving is..
so many friends reunions, everyone is home, 
Starbucks red cups, unconventional work schedules, 
a (maybe too chilly) chill in the air, 
and of course the MEAL that is coming so so soon.
It is going to be amazing.

Some things I've been enjoying as of late (seen through my phone photos)...
heaping bundles of firewood and red apples,
shades of crimson everywhere,
giddiness to be with S, and of course braving the well-below average temperatures...
I cannot believe that this time next week it will be december. And then poof, 2014 is over.
Blows. my. mind.

ciao! happy monday! xo


dear yoga,

Since we met in the summer, you are the best thing that has happened to me. I go once a week or so, sometimes alone, sometimes with Mom, sometimes during the week, sometimes on quiet sunday nights to mentally prepare for what is ahead. And every single time, you do no wrong.

You are kind to me. I don't have to worry about what I am good at or what i look like. I do not need to impress anyone. At today's class people were standing on their heads. I kind of stopped what I was doing and watched in awe - but I didn't feel intimidated or jealous or less-worthy of a person because I couldn't do a handstand. The pressure is off. It is a reset. A recharge. I stretch and feel like I am getting longer, taller, stronger. I feel the "earth" under where I sit. It's a lovely feeling to know that the 1hr or so that I am there is all about me. Selfish, maybe. But I can dedicate it to whomever, I can do it all for myself. Up to ME.

It's funny how simple you are: breathe. feel. stretch. hold. breathe. And yet none of us actually think about doing this on a day-to-day basis. We don't play with our pose, we don't fill our lungs with air with the intention of filling ourselves with health and good and light.

do you do yoga? does it work for you? i'm curious!
thanks! ciao, xo 


breaking the rules

skirt banana republic (old) / leggings lululemon / booties banana republic (old) / hoodie freeloader / bag street level / necklace j.crew factory

This unorthodox outfit was originally a lazy-saturday morning getup; black leggings with this ridiculously comfortable hoodie from the beach. Hair half towel-dried and in a knot, mismatching socks, and no makeup was the forecast for the day. And it was cold! A sharp chill in the air for sure. Except my day went from cozy-indoors to day of busy family outings, including a birthday lunch for my sisters (yay) and sending my brother off to a high school dance. But I was not changing out of my comfy weekend uniform. So I broke some cardinal fashion rules.

I piled on unexpected (and perhaps unfitting) layers. A skirt, booties, and a set of new J.Crew baubles to dress it up a bit. In the mirror this seemed to look pretty darn good but in the sunlight the leggings are kind of off - definitely not hose, you know? But I kind of like it. Paired with the hoodie, it is sporty - but the skirt and the necklace make it fit for a sit-down dinner. Comfortable, warm, and clever ''table dressing." I am thinking this (modified, of course) is going to be my thanksgiving dinner outfit! If only I had fabulous suede black knee-high boots to wear with this buffalo plaid.

Would you dare to mix yoga pants with a more dressy piece? What are you willing to do, or not do, when it comes to breaking some rules?

ciao! xo! and happy monday!



The wind outside is howling and although it is bright and sunny, the cold makes it feel stark and raw outside. It would pretty much be the perfect day for a fresh manicure, a white Olivia Pope-esque white coat, and a cozy turtleneck to frame a head of freshly-trimmed tresses.

I love this design - it's not new - but its a classic favorite of mine because I love the white, clean look of the toggle coat with the dark and wintry background. Can you seriously go wrong with a look like this? The idea of a white coat is so appealing, yet there are so many things that could go wrong...fuzzballs, coffee stains, and dog hair come to mind.

Anyway...my 'creative' page is newly revamped. I don't have much time these days to shamelessly promote my illustrations but I'm really excited to give you peek at most of my collection. I have this lovely gal on a notepad and its just the cutest little way to scribble down a memo (not to mention, the chicest).

happy weekend, stay warm! ciao, xo