What I Would Wear to a

sources for the looks: dress weddington way
coat The Limited (inspired by Scandal) |
 choker Loren Hope | shoes Manolo Blahnik | lipstick Chanel 

When Weddington Way asked me to create a bridesmaid look for a New Years' Eve wedding, I hopped at the opportunity! Winter weddings scream romance and glamour to me, so I went for these rich jewel-toned accessories to complement the equally rich plum tone of the dress. A warm and snowy white coat for coming-and-going offsets the drama, but both necklines really make room for the beautiful and opulent Loren Hope choker to adorn the neck. When I get married I dream of wearing Manolo shoes...so of course that little detail was necessary. Lastly, when it comes to lips, Chanel lipstick goes above anything else.

Thanks Weddington Way for inviting me to design this look! ciao, xo


finding motivation in the cold

Okay - being totally honest - just came back from my first run in over a month and a half. yikes. Of course I've lost the gains and the cold makes it super hard to transition - seeing as the last run outdoors I took, it was probably a perfect 68 degrees. But it actually wasn't as bad as I thought. My time needs a little work but even more so, I desperately need to find ways to get back out there! I find that the cold gear is not only desirable, but necessary - I am wearing two nice layers of cold gear that actually did a great job keeping me warm. I had on a cheap black beanie, leggings and socks (that you'd probably laugh at) and sneaks.

So, for one, the gear itself motivates me - if I am wearing it I really shouldn't have any excuses. Another good thing is to stretch a lot beforehand. And granted, my run was short, but I think it worked!

How do you find motivation to run in the cold? I am annoying even myself with excuses ("it's dark out! it's too cold!").


my favorite ornaments

Oh the memories // pip, georgia and scout
"in memory of tree collapse 2008-09"
Siena 2011

The ambience: Pavarotti singing this lovely song, grey Saturday morning skies, hot tea piping away in the kitchen, a full house. We decorated the tree yesterday. It's always a nostalgic few minutes unwrapping all of the ornaments you forgot about, the classic favorites, the new one for the year - to put it somewhere on the tree. It was such a lovely morning. So I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite ornaments...

I think the funniest one(s) are the tree collapse ornaments. Yes, more than one. We had this odd unlucky streak from about 2006-2009 where every single year, the tree would fall down. On people. One time it happened to me. We were having a nice get together, probably enjoying egg nog or mulled wine or hot chocolate, and I was sitting right in front of the tree. All of a sudden I felt this pressure of cold, prickly needles pushing into my back - and boom! It went down. A few nondescript ornaments broke - thankfully none of the good ones - and we created another ornament to document the disaster. It was hilarious. And we had about 15 people to un-deocrate the tree and drag it to the curb - no effort needed on our part whatsoever!

As you can see I love the ornaments I've picked up from around - Siena is a favorite, as well as the beach-themed Hatteras and Outer Banks ones. We usually pick up our ornaments in the summer, store away for safekeeping, and then put it on the tree 6 months later. I love it. This year's newest ornament  is from NASA, which my mom and sister visited earlier in the month. cool :)

Do you have any tree traditions? ciao, xo


please send this along to santa

Last week I posted gifts for friends and family, and today I am posting some items I myself am hoping for. Some I already purchased myself - is that okay? Anyway, I have a few things that I have been wanting for a while - but above items, I really want to regain the strides I made in running this year (and have since stopped :( ugh) by joining a gym to beat the cold. Beeeeesides that...I am hoping for some makeup. I'm finally buying grown-up makeup and loving the difference (there is a difference). I use drugstore stuff all the time, but slowly I am adding little splurge items. Next are some accessories: black suede boots and a black felt hat (I've had my eye on for a while!).  I also am in desperate need of a new wallet, hopefully one of a punchy color so that I can find it inside a bag (that's a trick my mom always told me to follow). Kate Spade wallets are exactly that punch of bright, and big enough without being clunky. Lastly, some sweaters, fuzzy socks, and cozy clothes are always something I add to my list. LOFT has some great choices right now, which I'll list below. I also want some date time with S and my friends (preferably over coffee or a dinner table somewhere). :)

1. Kate Spade Wallet - brights, please!
2. Ray Ban Aviators - a classic; I love the look but could never decide whether I wanted the lenses to be really dark, almost opaque - or a sheer brownish. I think I'm going with the black (for winter at least!)
3. Coffee dates galore with the people I love! - (see my coffee diaries series for some of my favorite local cafes)
4. Adrienne Vittadini boot - I love how high the boot hits the knee, and the suede adds a nice finish...not sure about the chunky heel, but I remember trying these on and loving them.
5. A floppy black hat like this one from Urban...
6. LOFT has the best sweaters out now! I am obseeeessed with cowl necks...like this one.
7. Chanel makeup - which I feel sort of guilty about because it is just so indulgent - but it is such amazing quality. I loved the waterproof eye pencil which I tried at a trial and also the rich, poppy-hued rouge allure velvet lipstick. Absolutely obsessed!

what is on your list? ciao, xoooo!