hello sunshine

scarf wink | sunnies target (old) | yoga crops lululemon | tee forever21 (old) | sandals LOFT (old) | bag calvin klein

Helloo! Happy Monday to you all...I am feeling relaxed and happy coming off of a nice weekend down by the sea. There is just something about spending a day in the sun, lounging and sweating - and then rinsing off the day in a cool shower. It is a time when I, personally, feel so radiant and happy to be young and alive. That out-of-the-shower feeling is when I feel the most confident and myself. No need for a lot of makeup, no need for fixing the hair. Throwing it in a messy wet bun and  putting fresh clothes over tanned skin is the ultimate way to wind down after a day in the sunshine.

I also threw together this easy-comfy look on a whim and love how my infinity scarf really tied the look together, adding an element of bright to an otherwise neutral outfit. This outfit took me through the whole evening - even comfortable enough to sleep in! We spent the night on the roof looking at the stars (I saw three shooting stars!) and drinking wine and sharing stories and our thanks for being able to spend another weekend down the shore.

As of now...when I type this...I think I am really truly experiencing my grieving for the end of summer. I know that it's over, and technically has been, but this weekend was one that I had been looking forward to for SUCH a long time. And now it's over. Saying goodbye to the ocean and knowing that it will be a whole year until my next ice cream cone (you know, the shore kind) actually brought me to tears. We talked about how to bring this feeling - this confidence, this acceptance, this laid-back every-day celebration of life - into the real world. Because today, Monday, is back to work. Back to the routine. How do we bring the essence of summer - bursts of spontaneity, feeling relaxed and at ease - with us everyday? Still trying to figure that one out.

Ciao! xo


new skin favorites

Lately I've been feeling very defeated when it comes to skin care and breakouts.
I am sooooo done with my skin! My breakouts have seemed to worsen,
and now I pay more attention to them now that being back at work
means that I spend time in the morning in front of the makeup mirror.

So last week, in my defeatist state, I marched to the Chanel counter at Macy's
and said, "I need lipstick." You know, a little pick me up.
My best friend bought herself a goooorgeous wine color shade from Chanel,
and it looks so good on her, so I was inspired to try it out and see what worked.

It ended in a whole makeover. I was happy.

Then, in a makeup-induced ecstasy, I bopped over to Sephora.
More damage done. She did another makeover.
I found products that actually work with the goals I have for reducing my breakouts,
and makeup that makes them look like history.
So far, so good.
I thought I'd share some of my finds with you - because splurge or not, they are seriously awesome.
(sorry for the poor quality photos).

I've been experimenting more and more and so far have really liked this process of seeing what works,
and what doesn't.
One kind of out-there beauty boost I've been having fun with is false eyelashes.
Not many - like one or two individuals on each eye - and I feel that more dramatic!
Paired with the berry lip, a dash of blush...and I feel very very made up indeed.

ciao! xo!



sunny and brisk sunday drives around the city; a massive sugar rush;
loving my new fall hat!; back to school around princeton university
gearing up to head back to the coast; running less, but still trying hard...
the ultimate beauty: foggy mornings and farms; heels that are ouch! but cute;
leaves are changing and the yellows are looking so lovely.

- - -

if you've been following me on instagram i think you'd be safe saying that I've accepted fall is here
(via my photos of #psls, leaves, and autumn-y outfits).
It's been gorgeous the past few days.
Which is why I am kind of dismayed that it is raining now..
we are heading out this morning for a glorious beach weekend!
sun, come back!!
The end of september-early october is my favorite time of fall, 
where the weather is just so comfortable and you can wear jeans with flip flops still.
of course summer is my ultimate, but I have been keeping in touch with that lighter side
through yoga. and i cannot say enough about how great i feel after a class.
same thing goes for running! which, unfortunately, i have less time for - but I am up to 3 miles :)
look for a rupdate soon on that score (if ya want).

so...going to pack my bags because we are heading back to the coast...
follow along on my instagram for updates on how the weekend is going!

ciao, xo


howdy strangers

it's sad that when you neglect your blog for a week
and blogger tweaks some details
(so does pinterest, and iOS 8)
and you're automatically behind.
not feeling really like a digital native.

anyway, howdy strangers!
Life has been moving so incredibly fast
and at one point when I was so anxious about this moment
I am feeling really, really good about it all, actually.

so many things to update you on, so a list should do the trick.
1) september is a beautiful month.
2) i love, love, love, love my job. even the busy days.
3) i am struggling with the running after work, and esp. with the days getting shorter.
knew this would happen.
4) yoga is a godsend.
5) struggling with skin issues, still - but getting better.
the little imperfections bother me. :(
6) sources of happiness: drinking water, friends, heels,
68 degree days, blue bunny ice cream sandwiches, greek yogurt.
7) so excited for the day S comes home (two months away more or less)
8) i am a money-spending machine. i smell a freeze coming soon.
9) speaking of: bought my first ever chanel lipstick! AHH
10) i love everything about right now.

- - - 

ciao, xo


fall tones

shirt LOFT | pants calvin klein (similar) | shoes cole haan | purse calvin klein | hat BCBG | necklace and bracelets francesca's | watch kate spade 

A little apology for being so MIA last week on the blog - life has inevitably picked up its pace -
and now look where we are! the official first day of fall.
It makes me feel a twinge of sadness to see summer go,
and to see how busy I am really causes me to put the blog to the side (for a little).
But...I've got a little getaway coming up so that is something to look forward to.

 - - -

Anyway - it's now fall!
A few weeks ago I picked up this gorgeous BCBG generation hat at Nordstrom Rack,
and it was love at first sight.
It was kind of peeeerrrfffeect timing because lately I've been not sure to do with my hair.
This covers it up and it makes everything look instantly polished -
with the right accessories and colors, it cinches it all together and I feel so dressed up.
The rest of the look is a bunch of pieces from here and there,
but I am getting slowly into the fall jewel tones and deeper, richer colors like maroon and navy.
These ponte skinnies are SO comfortable, they almost feel like leggings but they have a cool leather detail around the 5th pocket.
(also...they are calvin klein...but I got them at Costco...unbelievable!!!)
I'm thinking the next thing I need to do is invest in a nice plum colored lipstick and I'll be pretty much set!
It's not usually my thing to let the accessories do the talking but I've got to try it again more often.
already dreaming up new looks with this hat! can't wait.

ciao, xo!



just a teeny wish list, right?
Fall is the best for new clothes and renewing the way you dress.
I am {not so patiently} awaiting the day I get to wear my trench coat,
preferably with some cute fall ankle booties. 
A floppy hat is my current accessory crush.
And grey is my neutral color go to. 
I'm keeping my eye out lately for some bright, punchy but structured classic accessories
to go with those neutrals that I already have.
A bag, bright flats/loafers or even a cool textured eternity scarf would be lovely.
I'm also dreaming about splurging on a pair of warby parker eyeglasses - the classic round shape - 
but not sure how that would work with my face shape...

i think it's time to do a little shopping! ciao, xo



  • feeling:  so content with all things work. yes, it is challenging, but this 'let's take one day at a time' thing is working out so well for me.
  • wondering: how did I not live without an iPhone!?
  • trying new: running routes.
  • inspired byFriends anticipation. Is that a thing? yes. I haven't seen a few of my good friends in what feels like forever - even though we have been keeping in touch I am SO excited to see them. Just a few busy weekends/weeks in a row - it's been insane. I think our schedules are finally winding down as the summer ends, though. There are so many things I am dying to "cross off my list" while it is still warm, but there are so many other fun things I'd like to do as it gets a little cooler out. hello nyc day trip, byobs in the city, and fun nights out!
  • current obsession: this town.
  • dreading: late nights during my first season coaching.
  • sick of: waking up early (already! haa)
  • wishing i could wear a lot of: heels. but they kiiiill.
  • wearing a lot of: sports bras. not at work, that is.
  • thankful for: the vase of gerber daisies my sister brought home.
  • looking forward to: S coming home to visit; always my next yoga class; beach weekend
  • for lunch, eating: lots of greek yogurt, fruit, and one little teensy snack.
  • proud of myself for: sticking with running and taking it one day at a time.
  • challenged by: running and the humidity.
  • watching: re-runs of downton abbey, except the episodes where matthew and sybill die. SKIP
  • perplexed by: how my room is continually so messy; why lululemon pants are so expensive; how pumpkin spice lattes have that many calories.
what's currently going on with you!? 
ciao, xo


scenes from my weekend.

This time of the year is always so odd. 
this "easing into autumn" can be mildly confusing.
bare feet or booties?
jeans or sundresses?
amber wheat fields or fields of wildflowers?
is it fall, or is it summer? 
one day it is humid, the next it is crisp and lovely.
I am so thankful and love that we get to really see all four seasons here,
but this transition period between the two is so....awkward!
and as you can see i am stuck in between a little of both.
first it started with an iced pumpkin spice latte
(iced = it's still summer)
then i got a hot pink pedicure 
(still summer)
I had the urge to wear jeans with my nude pumps.
(this is very fall)
plus, the leaves are falling a little
the fields out back are getting brown.
and i've already had two pumpkin beers out with friends.
the bougainvillea out back is also flourishing. 
and summer fruit smoothies are still my breakfast of preference.

does anyone else know what i mean here!?
how are you dealing with this limbo?!

ciao, xo


week 9 rupdate

Helloooo, week 9! Excited to tackle you and maybe make a little gains here.

Week 8 was my first week of school - the moment of truth. Will I stick with it? Will I completely blow it off? Well, I did it. I was true to me, did what I needed to do, took it easy some days and pounded out others. I went to yoga. I heard the instructor use the phrase "honor your body." And that's my mantra right now. Doing what feels right, doing what's good for you, treating yourself with kindness rather than "suck it up! don't bitch out! go, go, GO!" if positivity works outwardly with other people, it must work inwardly, too.

Truth: I didn't run two days this week. Wednesday I had an unbelievably crazy schedule and Friday I had the intention to, but literally came home and fell asleep until 8pm (I don't want to run alone in the dark). wooooops. But it is okay. I am not going to curse myself out for missing two days, because the other days I really did try. When I know I can't run one day, I run more the day before. I don't tack on 5 more miles, just a few more yards.

Which might explain why my progress has sort of plateaued. I am at the point where 2.5 miles is my go-to, my "norm." I think 3 is a goal, but it feels so far away. MapMyRun's app is really helping me to record my miles, and I use it to count down those yards. I am noticing and learning things about myself, how I work, and one thing that I absolutely can't overcome (yet) is running through humidity. It's like I shut down, mentally. I haven't pushed myself through the humidity because it is so uncomfortable and I'd rather just do a brisk walk. So, that's another thing I guess I've got to work on.

ciao! xo



{1st #PSL of the year had to be iced...come on, still a couple days of summer left!
admiring the cute ivy league residences of princeton, nj
gorgeous jewel tone water of the pacific
my first ever acai bowl}

{killer shrimp! ah-mazing.
bright white interiors are seriously inspiring - so timeless and classic
new hat! got it at nordstrom rack :)
view of point vincente light - see more of that gorgeous cliff here}

{home made latte! still have to master cream and latte art...
mama-daughter date at a new italian restaurant
palm trees of redondo beach from last month's travels
goofing off in front of the camera for a new look!}

you can follow along my insta-adventures here :) @tmango77

- - - 

if you follow me on instagram, i feel that I owe you an apology...
August I kind of went overboard...SO many pictures.
Which begs the question - how much is too much?
Like, in a day?
I am pretty sure that during my trip to california I posted up to 4x/day.
kiiiiiinda overkill.
so, my apologies. 

anyway, in retrospect, August and early September have been stunning.
The summer in general was so good, so so good. 
Weather was actually delightful, rather than oppressive;
I was able to travel...thank my lucky stars for being so blessed.
Really kicked my butt into shape with running and exercising - slow progress, but I notice it. 
so happy with these things. so happy with this life!
I am feeling so content, even with work - I am surrounded by goodness 
and feeling so grateful for it all.
AND - to top it off - today is Friday!
so I am one happy girl.


late summer sangria

you will need:

wine: pink moscato or white zinfandel are pretty yummy.
2-3 cut peaches
3 sliced oranges (get out ALL the juice you can)
handful of cut strawberries
a garnish fruit of choice (raspberries or blueberries are great)

add a generous amt. of ice and ginger ale RIGHT before you serve or drink.

Noooo! Summer is ending!
Am I the only one who is sad?!
I follow so many great bloggers who always seem so ready for fall.
I do admit...fall fashion is best...
but come on, guys! 
Won't you miss the late nights, the beach days, and the dewy cool mornings?
I know I will...

I'm definitely holding on to summer as much as I can. Even though school is very much underway.
I know one thing I will miss is in-season fruit
and I am going to freeze eveeeerything so that I can make smoothies in the fall.
But fresh is best, ya know?

So I thought maybe, just maybe, you can hang on to summer too and cheers to the 
end of this beautiful season with a pretty blush sangria. It is pretty yummy.
The oranges definitely are the kicker, so be sure not to skimp on those.
Any citrus-y fruit and you can't go wrong. You can laugh at my fruit choices and 
throw my recipe away and put in whatever you want and it will still be just dandy.

cheers to you, summer...
ciao, xo


back to school in princeton

Over the weekend I found myself back in Princeton, NJ! Just in time for freshmen move in and back-to-school, ivy league style. It was neat to walk around the bustling main street to see students in lines for book buying, or stocking up on some new sartorial treats for the beginning of the school year. We stuck mainly to the beautiful main Nassau Street because I had some shopping to do - but the campus (which I failed to photograph, so dumb of me) is truly gorgeous and brimming with anticipation of fall and academia. I am finding myself so attracted to the idea of oxford shirts, Landau wool and a pile of books...I suppose this is a good thing because this week is my first week back at school, too! (except I'm going to hold off on the sweaters - 90 degrees all week is forecasted, ugh).

A perennial favorite of mine is Landau, where you can find the authentic and classic styles that one might see on the campus of an ivy league. My favorite part is the Einstein museum, a little corner of the store dedicated to the genius Albert Einstein. Our family has a story involving Einstein dating back to the thirties, when he resided in Princeton. The story goes that my grandfather, then a 5 or 6 year old child, was walking with his father along the hallowed campus of Princeton, hand in hand. It was a cold and blustery day, and my grandfather was all bundled up and must've looked really cute. Apparently Einstein walked by - and patted my grandfather on the head. We joke that that's how our grandfather got all his smarts - transferred via head pat. I'm a believer!

here's to all of you heading back in to classrooms today, wherever you may be!
ciao, xo


teal look

dress c/o eShakti | necklace francesca's | bag calvin klein | heels cole haan 

To me, teal always seemed to be such a challenging color to work with. I tend to stray away from brights, but when eShakti sent me this beautiful scoop neckline dress, I immediately loved the cut and wanted to wear it out right away. First instinct: pair with a complementary color! I am always excited and so impressed with eShakti's custom fits.  to I added pockets to my dress to make this a much more versatile (not to mention useful) look, and I also raised the hemline a little to hit above the knee because I am a little short. It's so fun during the ordering process, because it feels like you're designing an entire outfit! The cap sleeves are a cute touch too - but what is so awesome about eShakti is I could've had whatever sleeves I wanted! I like to browse their awesome instagram account (and pinterest!) to see how other women customize their dresses. I am finding myself doing that for a lot of outfit inspo these days when the transition from summer to fall is making it a bit difficult to dress. Perhaps next time I'll order a long-sleeved number for the colder months coming our way...

see more of the eShakti looks on instagram // twitter // pinterest

Comfortable, versatile, perfect for an easy weekend look. I love it! 

ciao, xo