sunny and brisk sunday drives around the city; a massive sugar rush;
loving my new fall hat!; back to school around princeton university
gearing up to head back to the coast; running less, but still trying hard...
the ultimate beauty: foggy mornings and farms; heels that are ouch! but cute;
leaves are changing and the yellows are looking so lovely.

- - -

if you've been following me on instagram i think you'd be safe saying that I've accepted fall is here
(via my photos of #psls, leaves, and autumn-y outfits).
It's been gorgeous the past few days.
Which is why I am kind of dismayed that it is raining now..
we are heading out this morning for a glorious beach weekend!
sun, come back!!
The end of september-early october is my favorite time of fall, 
where the weather is just so comfortable and you can wear jeans with flip flops still.
of course summer is my ultimate, but I have been keeping in touch with that lighter side
through yoga. and i cannot say enough about how great i feel after a class.
same thing goes for running! which, unfortunately, i have less time for - but I am up to 3 miles :)
look for a rupdate soon on that score (if ya want).

so...going to pack my bags because we are heading back to the coast...
follow along on my instagram for updates on how the weekend is going!

ciao, xo


  1. heyyy I work near Princeton; do you live near there? Beautiful photos!

    1. Hi! Yes, kind of sort of :) a little drive away! I love day trips to princeton :)

  2. Your instas are beautiful! I can't wait till cooler temps hit here. It is in the air, so I know it's coming.