eep! another insta-lately!
i love this wintry collection of photos. even though this is, hands down, the time of year i like the least.
this is kind of the ideal version of what winter should look like…
everything white, everything bright, cookies in jars,
pine needles, plaid, and happy lights in windows. it's all a little glamorized.
Maybe I do like the winter a little bit. Sometimes winter does look like this,
but most times it doesn't - it also consists of short hours of daylight,
horrid frigid temperatures, icy roads, the Christmas tree being taken down, and being PALE, the very worst!

Is anyone sick of my cold weather complaints?
I am looking forward to a few things this winter, a few awesome things.
Weekends with friends, near and far…the Olympics (!)…the premiere of Downton Abbey season 4!
The arrival of spring! Awards shows! Valentines' Day! 
And before we know it…poof! spring!

I'm not sure if I am convincing you that I can actually like the winter.

okkkk…bye! ciao, xo


  1. Aww, such christmassy pics. Sad it's all over xx

  2. Hehe, such a great post! Strange to see it coming from my mouth since I adore winter, but I really understand what you are talking about :) Well, if it makes you feel better - in Paris we don't even have snow. What kind of winter is this? :D
    Great photo collection btw <3

  3. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! Seriously, they make me all caps excited :)

  4. Is that a zoom lens? So jealous if it is! :) And I am kind of looking forward to valentine's day too--lol. That is unusual for me. Maybe I am just in the mood for chocolate? Lol. Either way--I am excited!

  5. Cool photos! This year we've had totally un-chrstimassy holidays as it was really warm all the time and no snow, so consider yourself lucky to have winter! :-) Although winter can have quite a few disadvantages, it can be also really magical!