ombre hair & thanksgiving clothes

a good post-thanksgiving outfit always involves baggy clothes…boyfriend jeans, oversized sweaters, etc.
this lovely chica's hair is inspired by my best friend's ombre locks! loving them so much, wish i could rock them.
anyway - I am so relieved and thrilled that it's Thanksgiving break. I am so excited to have some down time
to do some more enjoyable things…like painting! 
I sketched this one up one night last weekend, in a hyper daze (definitely procrastinating) 
about the fact that the quintessential autumn holiday is coming up SO soon.

here's to this happy anticipation! :) ciao, xo

ps. interested in purchasing flat cards with this design?


sunday happies

The winds outside are angry, loud and making the leaves swirl about…it's the perfect day for hot tea and snuggling up in a thermal. That's exactly how you would find me - with a cup in hand and wearing many layers. Winter is sure here, it feels like…

I am excited for all of the Thanksgiving cheer this upcoming weekend! It will be Scout's first, and I am weirdly excited about that…it is going to be here at home, quiet and intimate, just us. I couldn't be more thrilled :) my sister will be making her out-of-this-world mashed potatoes, and I will be making my apple pie(s). most likely quite a few. 

I haven't been devoting time to blogging lately; I'd rather not post at all than put a slipshod post together carelessly. I'm planning to spend more time behind the camera this week… :)

for now, I bid adieu! ciao, xo :)


things i am excited for…(holiday edition)

cozy weekend mornings in.
taking the time to wrap and decorate gifts :)
snowflakes in my hair and on my eyelashes

a cheerful christmas tree

houses adorned with lights and wreaths

making toasts and cheersing :)

untainted snow

choosing a tree

baking cookies

festive outfits.

evenings near the fireplace.

the season's first real snowfall.

warm and fuzzy blankets. preferably plaid ;)

for the first time…in about 2 years…i feel like i am able to actually enjoy the time we all anticipate the holidays. aka right now.
the time when we're still in that comfortable grace period of brainstorming what to buy for gifts.
when we see the first heartwarming set of christmas lights in the neighborhood/
when hearing christmas songs is delightful and fresh, not oppressive. :)
riiiiiight now.
what are you looking forward to as winter draws nearer?

ciao, xo


scenes from my weekend

a new first for me: afghan cuisine! two thumbs up!
also, another first: pumpkin gelato. yes.
 sometimes, mess-ups are so beautiful.
new swag from korres ;) thanks s!

that's quite an assortment of photos, isn't it!?

Saturday night was spent at a cozy floor side table at ariana's in old city with an old friend catching up.
we sat in the window and watched all of the passersby, the city lights flickering, and the happy college kids (maybe too happy) wave at us through the glass. 
before my friend arrived I snapped some pictures to kill some time - the sun was setting rapidly.
i do have to admit i am a bit rusty with my shutter and aperture settings - it's never something i really mastered (hence photo no.6)
but i enjoyed it immensely, nonetheless.

i do truly miss long days filled with sunlight, but the evening chill of the fall is exhilarating.
this time preceding thanksgiving, and all of the holidays for that matter, is so exciting. :)

life's highlights lately:
+ discovering pumpkin gelato. 
+ oolong tea and honey on weeknights in.
+ loooong grey fuzzy socks.
+ an unexpected goodie bag of korres makeup from s…you dote on me!
+ seeing the very first sets of christmas lights out
+ candles at night by my bedside.

what's making you happy today!?
ciao, xo


coffee diaries | capogiro

zucca + cioccolato scuro (pumpkin and "serious" chocolate, aka dark) 

Capogiro is my go-to gelato place in Philly…
They have, undoubtedly, the very best gelato in town.
What I don't understand is, though, how it took me this long to realize they probably have very good espresso…

Well, they do! 

This coffee diaries outing was a bit unconventional and impromptu (just as it should be).
After a long dinner date with a lovely siena friend, we decided to get some gelato for old times' sake…
and hey, a cappuccino or two! why not?!
it was delightful. like a little taste of italy. made right here in midtown philadelphia.
Truth: I don't think I've ever paired cappuccinos and gelato before, since its not quite the thing to have a caffè past, say, 10am…but I'm thinking I should do it more often.
this place is a keeper. ;)

Capogiro Gelato Artisans
20th and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia



 leather jacket massimo \\ tee h&m old \\ necklace loft old \\ pants gap \\ booties banana republic \\ bag pratesi \\ sunnies ray ban

If you've been keeping up with items on my radar you'd know that I have been ogling these boots from Banana Republic for some time now…I fiiiinnally, finally realized that I should just shut up and buy them. and I did! I paraded them all through town on saturday, and could notttt have been happier! oh, shoe love..

This weekend was low key and beautiful, albeit chilly. I got some essential shopping done - I haven't actually shopped in person, in an actual store - in weeks. I like online shopping, but I had really missed the satisfaction of having your clothes immediately after you buy them. You know? Fedex tracking and pathetically checking my doorstep everyday gets a little old.

PS. Happy birthday weekend to my mama! :) We rang in her big day with morning tea, our weekend run, pedicures and shopping (with a  few coffee breaks in between). it was perfection. :)
PPS. Happy Veteran's Day - and my sincerest appreciation for you all out there.

have a happy week! ciao, xo


five things for friday

1. bracelets from Etsy are totally my thing right now.
2. plans for the weekend: bday shopping and possibly jumping in a leaf pile somewhere.
3.  nonpariels (above) are the very best kind of sprinkles.
4. i am so thankful for the people in my life right now. new and old. you, yes YOU! :)
5. daylight savings has now made it light out when i drive to work. it's weird, but i like. i think.

happy weekend, people! ciao xo


fall style inspo

oh, how I love that initial burst excitement, just as it gets cold enough, to wear clothes for the fall.
dreaming up outfits, pairing colors together, combining textures and patterns, accessorizing…

it's oh so fun. what's inspiring you lately!?
ps. that first picture…sent me to buy these shoes. i finally did it.  
ciao, xo


good morning, november

When we let Scout off the leash…she doesn't run, trot or jump…she gallops and leaps! 
She sniffs odd-looking patches of thorny shrubs and wanders through rustling leaves.
Sometimes there's a critter in there that spooks her and sends her running.
She loves the park. And I love it too. 

I recently discovered this little brook with the tiniest of waterfalls. Such a serene place.
If you've been following along my posts lately, I've mentioned that work is kind of kicking my butt.
I am still figuring it all out - and trips to the park certainly have been helping.
I go in feeling stormy and frustrated sometimes, especially on sundays before a long week ahead..
and come out feeling much more capable, less overwhelmed, more determined and focused.
It gets you in touch with what matters..

I've got to take a leaf out of Scout's book…(get it!? leaf!)
and be okay with prancing around more. getting excited just to be outside and in the beauty of nature.
Before I know it, we've walked and ran four miles and do our hearts a little good, too.

- - -

on another note…it's November! When did this happen?! Why is it dark now at 4pm!? Goodness me.
I find myself snacking on leftover halloween candy and
yearning for my camera to take pictures of even more leaves…
next stop…Thanksgiving!

ciao, xo


scenes from my weekend

It must be peak-leaf weekend, because driving around and seeing all of the intense shades of orange and yellow and red over the past two days was glorious. What a pretty weekend, punctuated by equally pretty lattes and delightful outings with friends. This weekend was muuuuch needed. Work stress has been a constant high pressure for me, and I am hoping that this will soon change…

I've been spending my weekend mornings is saturday and sunday walks with my mom. First off I have been looking at old italy photos, back in a magical time when I lived 8+ floors up, no elevator, and walked everywhere…I miss those legs. So not only have I been trying to get back in shape and walk off the multiple takeout dinners of the week…but I've been enjoying the lovely catchup time with mom and admiring the scenes of the park. Sometimes we bring Scout and she frolics along like the happiest little grasshopper.

November is a month of birthdays so I have been scouring etsy for the perfect little somethings for my family. I am in LOVE with the speedy service and amazingly dainty look of this shop, and I can't wait to give my gifts.  I also am so giddy for Christmas, it's not funny. I can't wait for Christmas carols, holiday lights, the anticipation of it all, the green and red, and cozy nights in with the fireplace roaring and lots of hot chocolate and wine…

Ah, this time of year! I love it more and more as I get older.  Here's to finding the serenity of every weekend!

ciaaaoo, xo