cabin weekend.

Spring wants to return so bad; the days are alternating in the 20's and 50's every other day or so...the inconsistency is such a tease. Not only that but it's incredibly hard to dress. The florals and light cottons in the stores are so tantalizing...But a weekend at S's cabin was more of a good excuse to pack up some flannels and fleeces and a good book. Aside from the chill outside, it was nice to hole up in the woods and watch the snow kind of melt with a particularly feisty yellow lab, Tanner. :) Other good things: I got to break in my new vans on a walk through State College, PA...went poking about some stores but disciplined myself...and successfully packed light, woo! This whole 'winter-is-nearly-over' transition is getting me so antsy for bright colors, a tan (which I desperately need) and longer days. 

ciao! xo


  1. cabin weekend - i need that. maybe you should come to bali? bright colours & tan guaranteed ;)

  2. doggy face melts my heart!

  3. great photos!


  4. I love your photos in this post, ok, well every post. I don't think I've asked before, what camera do you use? I'm a Canon girl myself:) Tanner makes my heart melt, what a sweet pup!

    1. hi madison! :)
      thanks so much! i use a Nikon d3100...it's my favorite thing ever. i considered a canon when i was buying, but my mom is a nikon girl and well...i guess i am too. and tanner is such a good guy - he loves everybody!

  5. Love this! Makes me long for the temperature to warm up enough to go camping, I can't wait to get back into the woods!