scenes from my weekend

kitty-corner sunnies, anthropologie
sunnies anthro | tote old navy old, but see this year's totes | flats dr. scholl's (sale!) 
journal moleskine  | cross body bag coach (old-see selections)

a few of my prettier snapshots from the weekend...

Slept late, woke up and fiiiinally cleaned my car after such an awful winter of ice and snow and road salt. It was so nice to wax off that final layer and see my lovely car shining! Then I packed a bag and  drove off to meet my best friend for a relaxing day of shopping and pretty much lounging around over music and magazines. perfect. I bought a new pair of sunnies from anthro,  yaaay! it made me a lot happier than it should have. And also I left with my wish-list tripled in size...everything in there, I want! The rest of the weekend included finding small but little happy bursts of flowers from the lawn, my leaning tower of hyacinth (honestly the most crooked bloom EVER - you can't tell from this strategic photo), walks with Scout, and bumming it to watch the flyers' game with S. Also: a new obsession of mine that will probably turn into lunch each day this week: black rice! 

spring is closer and closer!

ps. do you like the teeny tiny layout changes on the blog? can you even notice? hehe.

ciao, xo!


  1. I love anthro-- definitely would have been very excited about that purchase as well!

  2. sounds like a really lovely weekend. i spent last weekend with a spontaneous flight, sleepless night, and lots of laugh. i think it's really worth it.

  3. What are those pretty little flowers (weeds, maybe?) in your first photo? We saw a lot of those in Austria but I didn't know what they were.

    Cute sunglasses! Anthropologie is a dangerous place! :)