in the spirit of spring

This time last year I woke on a  quiet Saturday morning and had that urge to go to a new place and just explore. Somewhere not too far away, but a place to enjoy the morning light, a good cup of coffee, and some sights of spring. {warning: this is a bit of a photo-heavy post!}

Cake: a cute cafe recommendation from my lovely friend kerri

It was exactly what I pictured in my head. And betcha you didn't know that you could find beautiful sights like these in Philly. ;) I'm not sure if it is the sound of my feet on the cobblestone street, or the punches of color in the flower boxes, or the quaint rain and fog that stirred my imagination (I felt like I was in Sense and Sensibility)...but it was quite a perfect day. Can't wait to go back for another day like this.

ciao! xooo!


spring time inspo

Springtime makes me want to live in a Jane Austen novel...
makes me want to buy bundles of flowers without reason...

have a tea party and wear a pastel dress...
Wake up early to hear the birds chirp...



little luxuries

Every once in a while a bunch of pretty flowers does the trick...such a necessary little luxury.
I bought a bundle for my bedside table and have never been more excited for spring!
This takes me back to my high school days, working in a garden nursery.
I always loved this time of year, when bulbs are selling,
tulips are just opening, little sprouts of green emerge from the ground.
It makes me so happy and excited - all of these hues of blush pink and vivid green.

happy monday!  ciao, xo



girlie starbucks date; breaking out my inner-lumberjack;
tea and strawberries for breakfast; overloaded marshmallows + hot chocolate
special delivery; a snowy creek on my drive home;
solo latte dates; gleefully smiling in my new drive!
healthy lunch with my best gal pal; sweet gifts on v-day;
breakfast dates; a view from high up!

- - -

just a little life lately from instagram and beyond.
winter is draaaaggging on and on and my entire feed seems to be WHITE with snow.
and also dominated by pictures of coffee. wooops.
i can only post so much on a snow day.

and I can only tell you guys so many times that spring cannot come faster.
soon i hope to have a little green and pink in my feed. i need flowers!
i can't promise anything about the coffee pictures stopping, though.

ciao, xo


scenes from my weekend

What a weekend! Well, what was originally supposed to be a long three day weekend turned into a gigantic five day vacation. Over 12 inches of snow fell over a span of three days, and now it seems to be all shoved to the side in dirty slushy mounds. The roads are so narrow now...our walkways are slick with ice, and we've become desensitized to weather reports so that now 3-5 inches is noooothing. It didn't stop us from having a lovely Valentine's day dinner (seriously perfect), or me from venturing out into town for a few photos. Or making smoothies for a sweet taste of summer. I do have to admit, though, I've been mostly confined indoors, under a lovely plush blanket and endless cups of tea. :)

Spring seriously cannot get here soon enough.

ciao! xo


coffee diaries | nonno's italian coffee parlor

I still have the taste of my vanilla latte from Nonno's in my mouth - rich, foamy, and sweet. I grabbed a seat by the window and gazed forlornly at all of the snow that is piled up...when will it ever melt? The fact that I was sitting in a cafe dedicated to the art of Italian coffee and gelato made me quite happier. Of course I wish I was sitting at a cafe tucked away in some vicolo, with awnings and sun-washed orange brick walls framing the place, hearing the clinks of light porcelain amidst the occasional vespa motor. But Nonno's is such a treat, and it's so good to know that someone out there, not too far away, is sitting there having a gelato or cappuccino and dreaming of the very same thing.

Nonno's ambience is charming and delightful - the perfect place to steal away for a quiet moment (like I did). Just a glance at the trays of sweets makes me wants one of everything. I particularly like their jars of biscotti. Perhaps their crowning glory is the gelato, which really does make me yearn for those fleeting days of summer. I absentmindedly took the photo above and didn't realize that the flavors they have sound so delicious - pumpkin!? I'd have that. Thank you, Nonno's, for loving Italy as much as I do, and wanting to bring a little of it here.

nonno's italian coffee parlor & gelateria
6 state street
doylestown, pa