snow and ice and scout

{ just another snow picture...of scout }

I definitely like snow days and probably shouldn't. 
We have been out of work an obscene number of days (3 this week) 
and I have been relishing it;
 I can't keep track of what day it is. 
Everything outside is white. 
Today I got a pedicure. And manicure. It may or may not be glittery gold.
I am caught up on sleep. 
The laundry is done.
I am used to laziness! Which is not good.
The weather actually really has been awful.
So much ice, falling from the trees in violent bursts of wind.
Power is out in much of our area but we were lucky ones.
Of course it is bitter cold, and I am sure more snow will come,
but the endless tea and piles of blankets has been quite cozy.

It's been fun. Back to work tomorrow.
Then the weekend. Darn!
Well, this weekend I am skiing for the first time ever. I am so excited.
Kind of nervous. But mostly excited to spend time in the mountains with awesome friends!
I'll report back soooon! 

ciao, xo and happy friday to you!

ps  -- the lovely Jenna has posted about celebrating valentine's day!
she is the sweetest for featuring some of her blog friends today!
thank you so, so much! check it out here. 


  1. Brrr....That looks just as chilly as where i'm at right now!!

    Ps. I am hosting a giveaway today through the weekend if you want to enter :)


  2. Oh oh, I just found you through Jenna and I feel like I won a blog lottery!

  3. Beautiful picture. It's crazy how different the weather is around the country. We're finally get some rain here in Sonoma County but I'm sure it'll be short lived. This has been the driest winter here!

  4. I've never been skiing! hope you have fun :)

  5. Holy cow--look at all that snow!! So fun!!