october goals!

a snowy halloween // from two years ago

Good morning! Hello there October!
It is currently before 6am so I hope that I can put a few words together without sounding insane.
My head doesn't fully wake up til about 7:30 or so anyway.

- - -

Every new month is such a gift...starting off fresh, clean slate, new start. 
I am thankful for having this chance. Some goals for October:

- pumpkin picking 
- pottery / ceramics class
- clean eating (becoming a challenge lately!)
- be on time for work by settling into this 5:45 am routine 
- provide 'me' time in the evenings - avoid taking work home
- no {extra} mirror time or anything to give myself an opportunity to scrutinize.
that might seem like a weird one, but it makes me happier.
- mother daughter dinner date
- enjoy an octoberfest brew
- yoga 2x a week (another challenge fitting it in!)
- more disciplined spending habits

what are some of your goals for October?
ciao! xo


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! it was probably the most picturesque halloween ever

  2. I remember that halloween :) Crazy! Those are great goals... especially the decreased scrutinizing! Hugs!

  3. I've really been wanting to take a pottery/ceramics class! I took a course in high school and LOVED it. I should have known then that I needed to go into an art major in college. Oh well, right? I want to hear more about your class!

    These are wonderful goals, friend! Happy October!