a shift in diet

Probably the worst thing you could assume right now is that I have a major announcement and that I am going vegan. Or vegetarian. Or all organic. Which I am not. I wissssh I had the patience and discipline, don't get me wrong - but a total change like that just ins't in the stars right now. But what is - is a subtle but hopefully effective little dietary change I'd like to experiment with: more greens. 

The second worst thing you can assume now is that I hate vegetables; which I don't. I actually love them. The bowl of broccoli rabe and onion actually has me salivating, which is kind of weird because it's 7:00 in the morning. What I want to do is find the time, the patience, and the discipline I lack by integrating simply more of this into what I eat; actually eating a breakfast; saving the heavy pastas and sauces which I so dearly love for maybe once a week or once every two weeks (I shudder). A more plant-based diet is something I want to experiment because I think that in the summer, when I am actually eating more plant-based foods, I feel lighter and more hydrated and my skin is better. I just want to simply continue that feeling.

on my shopping list:
- soy yogurt
- granola
- peaches
- kale and spinach
- strawberries
- blueberries
- banana
- nuts
- red onions
- broccoli
- squash (perhaps butternut?)
- apples 

Each work week, I eat a variation on a theme: easy meals. I don't necessary pop in a lean cuisine but I do make meals that take very little time and effort such as potato gnocchi with pesto. helloooo, carbs (and heaven). Either that or I eat out (vegetable dumplings from the chinese place, thin-crust pizza, penne with spicy marinara - my guilty pleasure, chipotle). Which is killing my wallet and my green-healthy vibes. So, I am declaring this experiment a time of more green smoothies, more oatmeals (and breakfasts for that matter!), more vegetable medleys and more non-dairy products. The goal is to hopefully see the benefits in my skin and my overall sense of feeling healthy.

The workweek is such a challenge - but how do you deal with it? What products or foods do you swear by? I'm curious to know! 

Ciao, xo

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  1. I really need to join you in this! I was eating pretty clean for a few months before our wedding, and it all fell apart shortly after. I love that shopping list. So fresh and clean!