ultra light carry-on

(oh, and I definitely don't wear heels on planes). ;)

It's pretty unbelievable to me that the last three times I have been on a plane, I've flown internationally (woo travel!). Now for the first time in what feels like forever, I'll be making a much less stressful domestic trip. I decided that I want to pack on the very light side. No extras, no doo-dads, no fuss. I am trying out my new turquoise Samsonite 20" carry on, which is ultra light as it weights in at a little over 6 lbs. I bumped my elbow on its hard shell exterior during the shoot and exclaimed an audible "OW," which proves that it is pretty safe against the inevitable jostle at the airport.

I've made a visual packing list, pretty true to what I am actually planning on stuffing into this luggage.  A bit intimate, but these are my must-haves in order to cut out the excess and have a truly lightweight carry on for a 10-day Cali trip! Things I forgot to mention: flip flops, a hat, and possibly a mini-tripod (that might be a stretch).

If you're cutting out the excess in order to pack for a trip, what can't you absolutely live without??
ciao, xo


  1. Have so much fun on your 10-day Cali adventure!!! Packing light is def a goal of mine every time I travel. And it's good to wear your bulkier clothes (i.e. tennis shoes) on the plane to save room.

    Look forward to all of your photos:)


  2. Wow, that is really light packing for a ten-day trip. Very impressive! That looks like what I'd pack for a weekend trip. :) Looking forward to a trip re-cap!