neeeew york!

Over the weekend I ventured up to the Big Apple! My first ever summer visit.
My best friend knows all of these amazing little places to go to in NYC. 
It was a perfect summer day...we rented bikes...hit the streets...and just went everywhere!
I got to see so many places I've never seen before - including Grand Central Station, Central Park, and all sorts of places below Midtown.
I also got a fantastic Italy fix: my first gelato in a few weeks (caramella salata + cioccolato) and a visit to Little Italy.
One place I instantly became obsessed with was Eataly. I could spend hours in there, and I am certain that people do. 
Just the fact that the signs were in Italian made me insanely happy.
Another amazing aspect of our day: riding bikes throughout the streets.
We rented CitiBikes, and while the getting started process was a little bit of a nuisance, the freedom of weaving around taxis was absolutely exhilarating!
It makes me want to bike. everywhere.

Spending a day in NYC always makes me think about whether or not I'd like to live in a bustling, big metropolis.
I don't know if I could - but I do love the accessibility of it all. Walking, biking, having places like Eataly around the corner!
There are so many little treasures and hidden places to go, it would take years and years to unearth them.

All in all it was a fantastic day...and NYC is undoubtedly a place where you'll find something new each time you go. amaaazing day :)

ciao! xo


  1. Eugh, New York City <3 I love going there, but never seem to be able to spend enough time in the amazing city!! Looks like fun!

    xo Becky

  2. I love these pictures! It's like visiting for the first time - not like other blog photos of NY.
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  3. Gorgeous photos! I'm so jelly of your trip. :C By the way, following u. xx


  4. Truly stunning photos - you're a great ambassador for the city.
    I spent the weekend in Wales in the green countryside - the world is so varied its mind-boggling at times!

    Maryam @softandcosy.com

  5. Thanks Taylor! Your blog looks lovely as well!

    Leah Faye

    a clover and a bee

  6. Oh, your photos are so lovely (and make me want to be in NYC this very second)! I would love to live in a bustling city for the very reason you say--it would take a lifetime to uncover all the gems a good city has to offer :) Thanks for stopping by Club Narwhal!

  7. Your photos are making me so excited for our weekend there coming up in a few days! I've never been in the Summer either and I'm so excited!!! Friday can't come soon enough :)

  8. You have such amazing photography! c; The style and everything is so cool! I've nominated you for the Liebster award! (:
    Come check out my blog to see what it's all about! :p I would love to get to know you better through this! xx


  9. Looks amazing sounds like you had a great time I'd love to go there someday :) Love your photos too
    Meg xx


  10. You are badass for venturing NYC via bike - as much as I love biking everywhere, I'm completely afraid of city bike riding. You definitely get a girl scout badge for that in my opinion!

  11. your travelling photos are so beautiful dear x

    come follow me! i'd be very grateful

  12. I started a blogging series where bloggers write about there hometown and the first one is from NYC, so I am quite obsessed to visit this place now!! And those stunning pictures are just supporting it^^

  13. LOVE THIS - your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Happy you had a great time in NYC!

    <3, Charlotte