1. my first ever sushi! I liked it! | 2. a caramel-macchiato stop after a meeting to update my new favorite planner | 3. feeling cool riding a CitiBike through NYC - weaving through traffic of course! | 4. absolute cheese heaven at Eataly on 200th + Fifth Ave | 5. a beach trip to my favorite childhood beach growing up | 6. the cute apartments of Washington Square, Philadelphia
7. a delicious, but monster-sized bleu cheese + apple salad | 8. cappuccino and gelato makes for a perfect summertime snack. | 9. John Mayer's Born & Raised Tour inspired me so much; everything from his skill to the stunning cosmic backdrop. This is my third time seeing him and it was the best yet | 10. an instagram to announce my new blog URL! | 11. a sophisticated and girlie dinner with an old friend - cheese and vino galore! | 12. my first ever beer garden experience; a perfect summer night.

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ciaooo, xo


  1. LOVE this idea! These pics are amazing

    <3, Charlotte

  2. ah, you always have a great time!
    caramel machiato is my fav in starbucks. i think i'm done with beaches this year. haha

  3. cheese and vino, does it get any better?!!

  4. Love the picture with coffee and planner! Just the way I love to start my day :o) So nice to meet you! Kristen O. {charmedandsouthern.wordpress.com}

  5. This looks like such a fun week. I'm also incredibly hungry after seeing the sushi, salad, and amazing cheese plate!!! New follower :)

  6. So cute! I'm scared to try sushi but I just might now. Love your blog!