summer, kind of wonderful.

Summer, sweet summer! You've been so gooood to me. It's been non stop since I've been home, both work and play, which I love. As always, August zips by. This week - actually, today - I begin the grind for work. But it's been a pleasant whirlwind of cool afternoons, walks with Scout, drinks with S, lazy river days, daytrips into the city, cappuccinos and catch-ups, a new Macbook (!!!), prepping for school, dinners on the deck, bonfires and cups of tea, and sitting outside waaaay into the night. 

What's your end of summer looking like? I'd love to hear snippets :)

ciao, xo!


  1. Looks like a great summer break! It's actually winter in my side of the world but it has still been lovely weather here with beautiful days. Feel free to check out the winter I've been having in my 'on the weekend' posts in my blog :)

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  2. obsessed with your summer!!! looks like so much fun!!

  3. Love the pictures! I'm not a big fan of summer but your pictures look wonderful. haha
    Ru|Glitter & Blush

  4. Gorgeous photo's! I've never been in a lazy lake but they look so nice. We don't have them in Ireland because of the crappy weather. My end of summer is looking like a lot of coffee dates with friends :)

    Sarah x

  5. This does look wonderful! My summer has mostly been filled with me thinking the weather has turned- and therefore mostly spent in black skinny jeans. There's also been a lot of pottering around pretty towns though, which is happy times indeed!! xx