what i thought was pho...

Well, I feel pretty stupid, because I thought this amazing concoction we made was pho - but it turns out pho is a soup. And I pronounce it wrong. Well, my mom and I made this dish on a whim earlier in the week and it turned out delicious. It's amazing how inspired you can be in the grocery aisle, trying to dream up the perfect dinner. One moment, we were on a routine shopping trip, and then the next we found ourselves in the Asian cuisine aisle, wanting to try everything. Turns out this dish is simple and fast (and inexpensively!), not to mention really quite delicious and light - the perfect end-of-summer meal on the deck. Scout wanted some, definitely.

- Rice noodles
- Sesame oil
- Chicken
- Mixed vegetables (we used snow peas, water chestnuts, broccoli, celery, carrots and onions)
- Soy sauce
- Ginger (powdered is okay)
- sesame seeds
- Teriyaki (optional)

I'll let you know when I try some real pho. :) And one last parting thought: how amazing are water chestnuts?!



  1. Haha! Pho is indeed a soup, a delicious, delicious delicious soup. I bet you could find some good pho in Philly, though I've only had it in Chicago and when Doc makes it, so I unfortunately don't have any suggestions for a good one there. You're on a roll between your first sushi and trying more cheeses lately, throw Pho in the mix. :)

  2. Haha even though it's not what you thought it was called, THIS LOOKS SO GOOD!! Now I'm hungry :)

    <3, Charlotte

  3. Ooh looks delicious anyway!! And I'm loving those pretty candles! Sounds like the perfect summer evening! :)

  4. mmmm this looks so delicious and sounds pretty easy -- definitely trying this!! xo