massimo's jacket

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Everytime I head to Florence I find myself splurging on something leather.
This time I intended it to be gloves...a somewhat modest purchase...but those plans changed as soon as I set foot in Massimo's. 
First off, Massimo's is a beautiful pelletteria (leather shop) that is right in the heart of Florence.
I was on my way to the linen market, but was totally lured by the smell of that lovely, musky leather.
And it goes something like this:

Massimo welcomed me with open arms, like he was seeing a long lost friend, and cheerfully showed me around his store.
I felt like I belonged there within the first 30...no, 10...seconds.
(have I mentioned I love Italy? Why can't everyone be like that?)
After this blur of happy welcomes, Massimo showed me this jacket. my jacket.
It was like he knew this jacket was meant for me. He found it within those first thirty seconds, no exaggeration.
True leather jacket love. Love at first try-on. I didn't need to see anything else.
Massimo and I agreed - this was IT.

It may have been the most seamless, swift, just-oh-so-right shopping experience I've ever had.
SO, if  when you're in Florence, go to Massimo's. If you're not in the market for a leather jacket,
he has everything else under the sun. And I'll save my next visit for the gloves.

grazie! e ciao! :)


  1. Very nice comfortable outfit!

  2. Now I really what that jacket!

    Please check out my new blog post


    Thank you

    xx - Anreea

  3. That jacket is completely amazing. And I love the story behind it. Buying leather in Italy sounds so dreamy.

  4. I've had a leather jacket from Florence on my list for well over a year now. My last efforts were thwarted by a train strike. I'll definitely check out Massimo's next time, so long as the rail system cooperates. :)