scenes from the week.

Thought I'd switch it up a bit and show some 'scenes from the week!' It has been a busy one {as usual} and I seem to have more work than ever...it's kind of odd and a little frustrating. But I have managed to 'get out' and find moments of a pure springy-summery-happiness. This time of year is the best and is totally brimming with the anticipation of summer.

I don't think the colors in this photos get anyyyy better. From the iced teas to the garden...i love the light, bright and vivid punches. :) Another way I've been de-stressing is that I am actually kind of following my new plan to get in shape  and drink more water - I went to two classes this week and plan on going to another one tomorrow. Kickboxing was pretty hard but I am going back tomorrow. eek! But first, today, the beach. Pit stops for bagels, ATM, and maybe a hit at Wawa on the way home. S is on his way to pick me up now and I am pretty pumped (let's just say I've been ready since about an hour ago...)

ciao! xo


drive home

I was driving home one day this week - I don't even remember which one yet (I think Monday) - and the sky was beautiful. I just happened to have my camera with me and at a red light I snapped these. It might have been before a quick but big rain. I love how right before a rainfall, the leaves flutter in the wind and they almost seem silver because their undersides are showing.

This is a great time of year. Temperatures feel summer like, but nights are still cool and not yet humid. The air can be brisk in the morning, and when the sun is out it is crisp but warming. And one of my favorite parts of the end of May is that afternoon storms crash in every once in a while and douse us with rain - but they're over and done quickly. So, so soothing.

ciao! xo


water resolution

I promised myself I wouldn't type this post until I had a tall glass of water in front of me.
Ok, there, good.

- - -

I am forcing myself to drink more water. Usually I drink less than 24 oz/day, and that is not good.
I know from past experience that it brightens and clears my skin...and I could use a bit of that right now.
I have been feeling stressed and my skin is paying the price for it, I am convinced...
I remember when I was in college, I had a huge camelbak water bottle that I filled up multiple times a day. 
My skin was never clearer. I was in a routine, it kept me feeling full but not bloated, it was a-ok.
It's like a magical elixir. Why have I been not drinking enough!?
SO, new resolution: less coffee, more water. I want to start my day every day with a huge, tall glass.
S told me that cold glass of water first thing in the morning kick-starts the metabolism.
For some reason, that seems to make total sense in my book! 
So I have no idea if my little theories on water work - but they work for me.


ciao, xo


coffee diaries | la colombe

La Colombe always seemed to me a Philly coffee giant that I have always walked by. It's right off the trains station, and most times, I was too busy getting ready to scout other cafes to step inside. So I would walk by and never really consider going in.

Last week I was in the city for my sister's graduation, which was a nice ceremony but the circumstances of the day and lack of planning left everyone super stressed. Which led me to make this instagram caption when I first sipped this milky latte at La Colombe. Only a few minutes early for our train, snapping at each other, frazzled and in desperate need of something to make me happy, we chanced it at La Colombe. Best decision of the day.

Notes from the coffee diary:
- Heavy cream. Buttery, smooth.
- Mild. No sweetener added.
- single shot (I talked myself out of two, I'd be wired)
- Nice open euro-styled atmosphere
- careful craft and kind staff

La Colombe is airy, open, and I like the fact that you can stand by a bar like in Italy (although I never had the guts to do it in Florence). It is located right outside of city hall, with relentless action and bustle and smartly dressed city folk in 4" Louboutins (I am not making this up) walking about. I was feeling the stress but even a super-caffienated latte brought me a sense of calm - it was that and a blend of the easygoing staff behind the bar. That latte was poured for me, it felt like. So thank you, La Colombe. Consider this your amazing review. You earned it.

La Colombe 
Dilworth Plaza
1414 South Penn Sq.


morning walk through town

Yesterday, S and I shared a perfect breakfast at one of our favorite little nooks in town. It was too pretty out
to go back home, so we decided to go for a leisurely stroll...even if it was only for a little while.
I love living near towns you can walk through. I wish, wish, wish that I could ditch my car
and have everything I need in walking distance. Traveling by foot is the bomb diggity. 

We found the local organic market teeming with flowers by its' storefront. 
It was too good to pass up a photo op. I love the spring time! Zero percent humidity,
people dining outside, perfect dress-and-a-sweater weather. I am hoping this week brings more days like this one.

ciaaaaaaaao, xo.


buon anniversario!

If it were up to me, May 18th would be an official holiday. It's my three year Sienaversary. Three years ago I hopped on a plane with complete strangers and began my study abroad experience.  I enjoyed life to the absolute maximum. I remember my thinking to myself, every night, no matter the occasion - I couldn't miss it. "Sleep when you're dead!" is exactly what I told myself. For a little while, Siena felt like the only other place on the planet that I knew. That summer really was one of a kind - the people, the gold man, the mid-day (sometimes twice a day) trips to Conad, skipping the bar for vino in the campo, the donkey garden, the fortezza, the awe-inspiring classes of Dr. Bruttini. I miss sitting on the warm Tuscan brick of the campo floor and writing in the journal. I miss the dry heat, the bats in the morning, the horrible internet connection. The bottiglie di acqua and coperti and the ritual of eating. I miss hanging my clothes on the line. I miss solo morning outings, like seeing the sun rise. I was so okay with being alone. Talking to a real Sienese here and there, being just as interested in them as they were in me. But the friends I was with made it all. Those total strangers became my good, good friends. I still count a few as my best. Words or photos are not enough.

ciao, xo


life at 1000mph

Somehow it is the end of the school year and I feel like I am more stressed than I have been in a while - like life is moving at 1000mph and it is very difficult to brake. All is great, in the big scheme of things. How is it that the everyday routine can be so exhausting and draining? Here are a few snippets from the week...

an excursion into philadelphia for my little sister's college graduation!
and of course, a pit stop for a philly pretzel...
 new shoes (they are already scuffed up a little, ugh)
may flowers. love you. the pollen is pretty overbearing, though...

 - - -

So, yes, the weekend is extremely necessary. Since our winter was so horribly snowy, it seems like a never ending year. Anyway, I hope to be remedying the constant moving/busy-ness with calming walks, cups of coffee (idk if that is always the best help), and of course, taking pictures. Even of the most repetitive thing - it's been flowers lately - taking pictures makes me just the happiest. And it makes me miss traveling, and the summertime. When things always seem brighter and more vivid. I am yearning for my summer self. I swear its an alter-ego and I wish desperately that I could always be Summer Taylor, or Siena Taylor (that was the best). She cooks, eats healthy, exercises more, gets up for slow leisurely mornings, is tanner yaaaay, and seems to feel lighter, mentally. I keep telling myself, just a few more weeks. Counting down the mondays. It is going to happen, it is going to be here!

Okay, end rant. If you're not sick of me then you should go on over to Elah Tree, where I am included in this month's advice column. Yipee! Click click clickaroo. 




addicted to: instagram. oops.
smelling: the vase of tulips on the window sill.
challenged by: my job, every single day.
thinking about: how to de-frizz my hair, and a possible upcoming trip.
looking forward to: SUMMER BREAK.
dreading: the exercise class I am going to enroll in (but in a good way)
reading: the Hunt for Red October (but I've been stuck in the same chapter forever..)
loving the color: lavender.
seeking: the next good cafè
watching: netflix seasons 1,2  of scandal
wearing a lot of: work pants. 
wishing i could wear a lot of: lululemon. and more dresses.
sick of: wearing close-toe shoes.
tempted by: a box of dots candy. 
inspired by: my best friend J. i am so lucky to have friends that when I hang out with them, conversations are always seeming to brim with inspiration.
not doing enough of: yoga.
dreaming to go to: san fran. and italy duh
feeling: VERY excited for the summer.

what are some things happening for you lately?


what does a perfect day look like?

this is a little gross...seconds before, he gulped down a WHOLE fish...
hat siena flea market | maxi h&m | tank ae

Sunday was perfection, such a tease of summer!

I know I gush a lot, but this weekend - especially our beach day for Mother's day - was downright lovely. Hot, 80 degrees, calm, sunny, high and light, whispery clouds. Coffee and healthyish  snacks for the beach (hi strawberries and cream!). A day spent with my mother, sister, and grandmother. We got treated to a little air show, some light shopping, and poking around the newly expanded post-Sandy beach.

It had been a stressful week before this. It seems at the moment my family is encountering little dilemmas lately - so this was a nice break from it all. I think it is even worse when you have to watch the people around you stress out, when it is out of your control! But as always it seems to all fall into place - which I am sure it all will. All in good time. In the meantime, I really feel like this summer can't come soon enough...all of that water glistening in the sun totally got me.

ciao! xo


the chilliest spring.

It has been the chilliest spring I can remember for a long time.
As I type this, everything outside looks a little grey.  I was under the weather, so that got me down.
By the end of the night on Friday, I knew I was coming down with a cold...
don't you hate that feeling of impending doom?
So I spent a lot of my time this weekend just resting, which is exactly what I didn't want to be doing on a spring weekend...
Luckily for me it doesn't seem that I have been missing too much outside.
One awesome part of the weekend was eating as if every day was cinco de mayo!
helllooooo fajitas! and salsa! (that was the hottest the weekend got).

Crazy idea of the weekend:
I think I am going to sign up for a kickboxing class.
I am looking into it today, but I need a new mixup to my routine.
A little personal change like that sounds really good right now.

I'll let you know how it works out..
ciao! xo