water resolution

I promised myself I wouldn't type this post until I had a tall glass of water in front of me.
Ok, there, good.

- - -

I am forcing myself to drink more water. Usually I drink less than 24 oz/day, and that is not good.
I know from past experience that it brightens and clears my skin...and I could use a bit of that right now.
I have been feeling stressed and my skin is paying the price for it, I am convinced...
I remember when I was in college, I had a huge camelbak water bottle that I filled up multiple times a day. 
My skin was never clearer. I was in a routine, it kept me feeling full but not bloated, it was a-ok.
It's like a magical elixir. Why have I been not drinking enough!?
SO, new resolution: less coffee, more water. I want to start my day every day with a huge, tall glass.
S told me that cold glass of water first thing in the morning kick-starts the metabolism.
For some reason, that seems to make total sense in my book! 
So I have no idea if my little theories on water work - but they work for me.


ciao, xo


  1. I need to drink more water, too! I always feel so much better when I do!

  2. Definitely a good plan! I like to have a glass of water before my morning coffee so I don't dehydrate any further first thing in the morning!

    All That Glitters

  3. Yes! I keep a 24 oz water bottle by my desk, and I probably fill it up at least 3x a day. It's a good habit to start. Good luck!