coffee diaries | la colombe

La Colombe always seemed to me a Philly coffee giant that I have always walked by. It's right off the trains station, and most times, I was too busy getting ready to scout other cafes to step inside. So I would walk by and never really consider going in.

Last week I was in the city for my sister's graduation, which was a nice ceremony but the circumstances of the day and lack of planning left everyone super stressed. Which led me to make this instagram caption when I first sipped this milky latte at La Colombe. Only a few minutes early for our train, snapping at each other, frazzled and in desperate need of something to make me happy, we chanced it at La Colombe. Best decision of the day.

Notes from the coffee diary:
- Heavy cream. Buttery, smooth.
- Mild. No sweetener added.
- single shot (I talked myself out of two, I'd be wired)
- Nice open euro-styled atmosphere
- careful craft and kind staff

La Colombe is airy, open, and I like the fact that you can stand by a bar like in Italy (although I never had the guts to do it in Florence). It is located right outside of city hall, with relentless action and bustle and smartly dressed city folk in 4" Louboutins (I am not making this up) walking about. I was feeling the stress but even a super-caffienated latte brought me a sense of calm - it was that and a blend of the easygoing staff behind the bar. That latte was poured for me, it felt like. So thank you, La Colombe. Consider this your amazing review. You earned it.

La Colombe 
Dilworth Plaza
1414 South Penn Sq.


  1. Ooh I've never been but headed back to Philly in a few weeks and may have to check it out! x

  2. I really love this series that you do! That coffee looks amazing. I could use a cup right now!

  3. That looks like a gorgeous and delicious cup of coffee. :)


  4. I love this series too! You have so many great coffee shops to go to, I love it! I always prefer my cappuccinos in a real cup when I'm sitting at a coffee shop :)