the chilliest spring.

It has been the chilliest spring I can remember for a long time.
As I type this, everything outside looks a little grey.  I was under the weather, so that got me down.
By the end of the night on Friday, I knew I was coming down with a cold...
don't you hate that feeling of impending doom?
So I spent a lot of my time this weekend just resting, which is exactly what I didn't want to be doing on a spring weekend...
Luckily for me it doesn't seem that I have been missing too much outside.
One awesome part of the weekend was eating as if every day was cinco de mayo!
helllooooo fajitas! and salsa! (that was the hottest the weekend got).

Crazy idea of the weekend:
I think I am going to sign up for a kickboxing class.
I am looking into it today, but I need a new mixup to my routine.
A little personal change like that sounds really good right now.

I'll let you know how it works out..
ciao! xo


  1. I hope your cold is over soon! Looking forward to seeing how kickboxing goes, I have been thinking for a while of trying to get into something like that. Feel better! x

  2. Those fajitas look great - can't wait to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today with some yummy Mexican food & a margarita! Hope you start feeling better!

  3. That plate of fajitas looks really amazing! Now I'm hungry. ;)
    Also love the pretty flower pics.


  4. I love kickboxing! It's a hard core workout.