lucky, lucky, lucky me

So, if you have been reading this summer you probably know that S has moved temporarily to Los Angeles - and I am all the way in Philadelphia! It's not the first time we have done long distance, and I know we can do it - but I miss him SO much. I went to visit a few weeks ago and now that I have spent that time with him, I miss him even more. I've been really missing talking about our days, being together (and in the same time zone!), and hearing his jokes that make me laugh like a goof. During the trip it was all that and more. I've had to come back down to reality a bit since my trip...school started yesterday! It was a really great day, fresh with new beginnings and all the anticipation and potential that comes with September. Despite this amazing feeling of starting anew, I always feel incredibly sad to see summer go - it is a bittersweet thing to voluntary let it go, only to have it come back again in a year.

When I got home yesterday, there was a package from S addressed to me. Which is pretty fun to come home to! S surprised me with the sweetest, sweetest gifts. He knows that I love these two things - a bouquet of flowers and anything Harry Potter - it was such a pick-me-up and made me feel just so happy. I don't know how I got so lucky. These gifts - all the way from LA! - are from the Warner Bros. studio. He was on tour and sweet enough to think of all the things that I love. I am quite lucky one, and feeling so so appreciative and undeserving. S, I love you, and simply cannot wait to see you. Soon! :)

ciao, loves! xo


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! You are lucky :)

  2. I am not sure how I missed this, BUT I didn't realize you were a Harry Potter fan!

    1. oh man am i ever!? i grew up with it. i love it all. what more can I say!?

  3. Oh man, I just had deja vu! Dan and I were long distance (me in Philly, Dan in Chicago and often in Switzerland) for the first year and half we dated. In fact, we never lived in the same city/time zone until about 2 weeks before we were married. It just means you get to jet set a little more often I hope! :)