week 5 (and 6?) update

(and boy does my hair need a touchup! yikes) // tank and shorts nike

I lost track of time! I can't believe I just started week 6!
I am procrastinating on my morning run as I write this...
don't worry, I'll get out there. tee hee
Week 5 was definitely my "ah, I'll go easy on myself" week.
Which I kind of feel majorly  guilty about.
I was in California, taking breaks, also procrastinating,
and I may have lost some gains that I made in weeks 3-4.
So this week - week 6 - I am going to try to get it back to what it was.

I am not measuring how long I run, in terms of minutes.
I don't measure heart rate. Or calories burned.
I only measure miles.
I don't want to complicate things...
because I just want to say I got out there and did it.

a ha's: running alongside the Pacific was pretty awesome.
and i get more out of my workout in the morning.
still motivated to eat a bit healthier - new favorite: acai bowls!
backless tanks like the one above are my favorite for beating the heat.
(re: see my post on bright colored workout gear and the psychology behind it)

hates: Running in the California sun, and because I procrastinate,
and mmmman does it get sunny and hot out there during the day.

okay. going to grab my sneakers.

ciao! xo


  1. I would find it tough to run in such a warm climate! I haven't run much over the warm summer we've had in the UK, but hope to get back into it soon, as it's cooler and I have less urges just to sit outside with a cocktail when I get home from work. I have bright pink trainers, I think they help! Good luck with it all x

    1. it definitely was challenging in the warmth! the sun was killer! i am excited to be running in the fall, too, though! best of luck to you too xox

  2. I love your tank! Super cute. :) get after it!