addicted to: instagram. oops.
smelling: the vase of tulips on the window sill.
challenged by: my job, every single day.
thinking about: how to de-frizz my hair, and a possible upcoming trip.
looking forward to: SUMMER BREAK.
dreading: the exercise class I am going to enroll in (but in a good way)
reading: the Hunt for Red October (but I've been stuck in the same chapter forever..)
loving the color: lavender.
seeking: the next good cafè
watching: netflix seasons 1,2  of scandal
wearing a lot of: work pants. 
wishing i could wear a lot of: lululemon. and more dresses.
sick of: wearing close-toe shoes.
tempted by: a box of dots candy. 
inspired by: my best friend J. i am so lucky to have friends that when I hang out with them, conversations are always seeming to brim with inspiration.
not doing enough of: yoga.
dreaming to go to: san fran. and italy duh
feeling: VERY excited for the summer.

what are some things happening for you lately?


  1. Did y'all decide on a trip to San Fran?! How exciting! Beautiful photos, as always my dear!

  2. I'm sick of wearing close toed shies as well! At my school (preschool teacher) were only allowed to wear close toed shoes. And I'm the summer.....I especially hate this rule. Ick!