strong start

As I type this, I am freaking out - freaking freaking freaking out.
Today is the GRE.

And just so we are all on the same page, this is definitely not the nutritious brain-boosting breakfast I am eating today...
it's from a few days ago...
and today I'll probably be in the city somewhere eating a bagel and a coffee.
Then nervously chomping on my fingernails before the exam starts.
not exactly the breakfast of champions.
I'm not sure why I feel at ease typing this here - you know, all of my worries and anxieties - 
but it feels kind of nice to let it all out. suck it, GRE - cannot wait to get this over with.
five hours of torture.
at least i can look forward to this afterwards.
maybe I'll instagram a pretty drink for you.

ciao, xo

ps. wish me luck! send me some good vibes. PLEASE


  1. Good luck girlfriend! You're taking it in the city? If it's the same place I took mine, it's in the basement of a big building near Old City, I can't remember the name of the building...Curtis? It's a famous building. But yeah it's the basement. But the bright side, aside from Sips after to celebrate, it's that you're in the city and deserve all sorts of pampering! And a treat or two. You'll do great! Sending all the vibes your way today! And if your post exam celebrations take you anywhere near between 15th and 16th and Samson, stop by Federal Donuts and have a donut (or two) for me!

  2. Good luck!! I hope you do well and reward yourself at the end of it!

    All That Glitters

  3. Good luck good luck good luck! You're gonna rock it! xoxo

  4. That breakfast is right up my alley!! Good Luck all will be fine!!

  5. Nerves are a good sign! No one wants an overly confident test-taker. You will do great! Hopefully when you are reading these comments, aaaaall your troubles will be behind you. Good luck!

  6. GOOD LUCK!! I am sure you will dominate!