achievements + eating cleaner

Happy Monday! I am feeling SO good lately. All of it is mostly due to an almost unnaturally consistent workout/cleanse I've been kind of sort of doing. Over the last week, I magically gained some miraculous ability to practice hardcore discipline and self-control: I've ran and actually pushed myself every day of the week, and since I did that and felt so good about it, eating healthier and cleaner kind of came naturally. I don't know what has come over me, or who knocked some sense into my head, because I was never this motivated. But I am loving it. This week will be a little harder, because the temps are going to soar and I am sure running will be brutal; on top of GRE practice, this is the week to see if I really have the discipline. 

I keep in mind a little axiom that haunts me whenever I open the pantry doors: getting in shape is 20% exercise and 70% what you eat. Hmmmpf. While Doritos would be an excellent, almost barbaric gratification after a hard exercise, I have learned to restrain. Why undo all of that misery hard work? So, I made myself a salad. My little indulgence is the pecorino cheese. That in and of itself is the most precious reward. If you have never tried it, stop right now, book a trip to Florence. Sign yourself up for a wine/cheese tasting in the ancient hills of Montepulciano. The spicy sharp fresh pecorino cheese - oh my word. Fireworks, jubilation, ecstasy. 

Ok...back to what I was talking about...the salad!

- baby kale mix
- grilled chicken (seasoned with sea salt, pepper)
- sliced almonds
- grated pecorino cheese
- raspberry vinaigrette dressing 

If you really want to be clean, you might choose to opt out of the dressing. In retrospect, I may switch out the raspberry vinaigrette for a poppyseed dressing or even some classic balsamic. The sweet flavors do a nice job of balancing the bitter kale.

Happy clean eating, and enjoy your week!
ciao, xo


  1. Good for you for being so disciplined! It's not easy. Your salad looks delicious! I love raspberry vinaigrette.

    I remember studying for the GREs. It wasn't fun, but it was worth it in the end!

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  2. Looks delicious! I applaud you for you discipline. I have been running and working out. Still trying to work on my eating habits. They've definitely improved though there are quite a few indulgences. I can never get rid of chocolate...

    All That Glitters

  3. Way to go, Taylor! I firmly believe that self-discipline is like a muscle. You definitely have to exercise it to make it stronger.

  4. yum this salad looks delish!!

  5. Congratulations for the motivation! Sometimes i think i have to start to run, but after 2 days I quit... I know I should to try it harder but i don´t really like practice sport, so... I have to focus my mind! By the way, the salad looks really tasty


  6. This looks delicious! People often think that eating healthy is boring and tasteless but it doesn't have to be. I'm all for lovely summer salads like this one :) xx

  7. Great job Taylor! It seems like the more active I am, the more easily healthy eating comes to me. After I do a Bikram class or run, I want to eat the right things, because my body is screaming for healthy food. I pretty much stopped eating processed foods (except the occasional comfort food here or there), back in the summer of 2008, and once I realized all of the chemicals going into that food, it wasn't a difficult life change. We make pretty much everything from scratch now, including Oswin's food. Oh, and you can keep the dressing, just start making your own! A little EVO, a little red wine vinegar, a little dijon mustard, salt and pepper, stir it up to combine and BOOM! Absolutely no guilt and deliciously tangy dijon dressing!