about my camera

Over the past few months, I have gotten questions about the type of camera I use, so I thought I'd set up a post devoted to explaining the specs behind my trusty Nikon :)

Inspired by my photographer extraordinaire mother, an avid Nikon user, I decided too to join the Nikon team with my dslr, a Nikon D3100. As of late, I have been using an 18-270 mm lens by Tamron. I have come to love this camera more than any other piece of equipment or technology I own - I count it as one of my best investments. Consequently, my blog has evolved to be more of a photo-based diary, which I truly love. I also shoot little videos using my Nikon. Capturing a great photo gives me a rush as if I just discovered, gained, or found a valuable treasure.

Although I am not a professional, I love taking my camera out for photography "dates" and adventures. I enjoy doing freelance work such as portraits, style, travel, and food photography. My camera has been to 5 countries (and counting). :)

let me know if you have questions!

ciao, xo

*I treasure my photos with all of my heart. All photos on the blog are my own unless otherwise noted. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any image you see on the blog as a print; please do not use my images without permission. Also see my art + photo page above for purchasing information! :) Thank you kindly.


  1. I love reading your photo filled posts! You have such a fantastic eye!

    I get the same rush you described when taking photos. Just this morning I was thinking I need to get back out there. I have been feeling irritable lately and I swear it is because I have not been on any photo-based adventures (haha). Thanks for the reminder and weekly inspiration!


    1. i know exactly what you mean - i need my camera in my life! i can't go too long without it! :)