romper LOFT | cardigan converse {on sale!}  | hat sienese flea market | crossbody bag coach (old) | sunnies ray ban

I learned a new Italian word through a book I read over the last week - solleone. It means 'lion sun,' the fiercest, hottest, most ferocious sun that there is.  Italian words like this make me swoon.  That word comes to mind when I see the soft, golden light in these photos - the evening leftovers of an intensely sunny day.

Anyone who worships the sun during the summer knows that the initial days of sunbathing can be the toughest on skin. I dabbed on this spf (highly, highly, highly recommend) and luckily didn't suffer any sunburn casualties this year! I was able to dress in light layers, the perfect amount of fabric on a freshly tanned and sea-salted body. My style changes so dramatically with the summer,  compared to other seasons - I go all bohemian and refuse to wear anything with pant legs (EXCEPT this romper!). As for accessories, the Siena hat comes out, closed-toes shoes are banished, and mismatched beads and golds and silvers  are united. I simplify. Life is good.

Anyway, playing with the golden light of the pre-twilight hours is always a fun time. The light casts an ethereal glow on anything that moves - a twinkle, a sparkle, a glisten of golden. Any other time of year, to me, this sun is harsh. The summer diffuses it somehow and makes it just right. Can't wait to see you again, solleone.

ciao, xo


  1. great look!


  2. Such pretty photos! And I love how you've incorporated your love of Italian into it :) solleone is such a great word!

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  3. i tried on that romper and so wish i had bought it! i felt so good in it, but it was out of my price range. maybe it's on sale now!

    1. I got it for 50% off! I would definitely try to wait for a sale :)