a quick view at our vacation

Few things on earth beat the feeling of a cool outdoor shower. Getting doused in water, with the addition of a stray sea breeze, feeling the heat from the day pour off you, brings me a sense of calm and sheer contentment. There's a certain thrill knowing that the rickety wooden door has a really rusty, weathered hinge - and that is all that separates you from the outdoors and who-knows-what in the scrubby pines by the jetty. I wasn't even skeeved by the little snail watching me from a nearby puddle.

That, vanilla soft-serve ice cream, family polaroids, 8:30pm night cruises, this book, the Inlet deli, the  marina, the ability to get a deep tan without ever leaving the house, wine on the roof at sundown, boutiquing (spellcheck says that isn't a word), and late night thunderstorms all made the past week utterly perfect. I had to consciously try to shed off my stresses, one by one, but it happened. I did it! And now, I am thriving in summer.

check back for more thorough photo entries/posts on the trip. :) will be posting more daily. ciao! xo


  1. So many pretty things! Love that ice cream picture. Summer is the best!

  2. Your summer pictures have been killing me! You capture the season so well. I need to get to a beach stat...