the next step

me, as a wee little babe, in '12

I just did something really stupid. I scheduled myself to take the GRE two weeks from now.

"Undecided" is still the option I choose from the scroll-down bar when applications ask me what degree I'd like to pursue for my masters! ah! I somehow feel more of a commitment-phobe this time around as opposed to my undergrad (education and history). Do I want education? History? Or international relations and diplomacy?! I just can't pick. Oh, and besides that, how, how how am I going to practice and study in time to score high on the GRE...in two weeks?!


ciao, xo


  1. Oh sweetie!!! Do IT!!! Grad school was the best thing I ever did. And the GRE wasn't that hard at all. I studied for like two days and did totally fine. Good luck!

  2. Oh congrats! And best of luck, of course!

  3. Good luck with this! I am studying currently International Relations as a Bachelore and it is great! So I can recommend this direction ;)