feeling bright and summery

just a couple of fun scenes from the beginning of my summer.

Greetings from the beach! I thought it was about time for another video! It's always good to do these once in a while, and summer videos happen to be my favorite. Having my camera out to record it all is one of those things I have to do every time there's a big event or even if it is something small out of the norm. As usual, I am starting out the summer with a BUNCH of goals - bucket list things, but also goals in outlook and lifestyle that seem to fade away once the summer ends, too. And I ALWAYS say this! But I want to be lighter, freer, airy-er (is that a word? do you know what I mean?), more open, smiling, decluttered, healthy, spontaneous, bright and vibrant. That's exactly what I want to be. This video here is a little peek into my family and me - and the first few weeks of our lovely summer! I hope you enjoy. ciao, xo :)

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