little luxuries

Every once in a while a bunch of pretty flowers does the trick...such a necessary little luxury.
I bought a bundle for my bedside table and have never been more excited for spring!
This takes me back to my high school days, working in a garden nursery.
I always loved this time of year, when bulbs are selling,
tulips are just opening, little sprouts of green emerge from the ground.
It makes me so happy and excited - all of these hues of blush pink and vivid green.

happy monday!  ciao, xo


  1. i do that too sometimes!

  2. great pictures!


  3. 100% agree. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers in the world. Actually, not probably, they ARE. What book are you reading?! It's a tease to show the pages and no spine ;)

  4. i love tulips! and i love all the different colors they come in :)

  5. Those tulips are amazing! It's awesome how much of a difference some flowers can make in your house. I need to get some flowers soon :)

  6. Those are stunning! I just love how a bundle of flowers can brighten a room. :)

  7. Tulips are becoming more and more beautiful to me. Yours look so pretty! I may just have to go get some to brighten up my bedside table. :)

  8. It's amazing what a difference a small taste of spring makes! I currently have two small vases sitting out in anticipation of a bouquet of daffodils I plan on buying soon. I can't wait to bring such happiness inside.