valentine's gifting

This year I decided to get a teeny bit fancy with my gift wrapping for Valentine's...
perhaps it was to compensate for my lack of creativity around the holidays...
But! I think that the details in the presentation and packaging make all of the difference when giving a gift.
This year I used really easy supplies/things around the house that you can use any time of year!
Pink washi tape
Silk ribbon and bakers' twine
Brown packaging wrap from the dollar store!

Don't forget to give your gal pals a little love on v-day, too.
 Giving a little something always warms the heart!

happy valentine's day! ciao, xo


  1. Awww super cuteeee! I need me a Valentine's...

    Tsui @ Fashion Ganache.

  2. Dang sister that's some cute wrapping!

  3. Wow, that's super cute! I love all of the difficult textures and colors.

  4. SO cute! I agree with you on the presentation thing. A well-wrapped gift is always more fun to receive, I think. I love Valentine's Day because it means I get to make cute little valentines for my nieces and nephew. I love a good excuse to make things out of paper.