scenes from my weekend

On Saturday afternoon I was feeling an itch to get out of the house. My mom and I took an aimless drive, crossing state borders and finding ourselves in NJ! It felt otherworldly, I'm not kidding. This weekend, there should have been a full moon because things were just weird. Something was just off. Do you ever feel that way? Perhaps the eerie light of the gloaming set the tone - it is indeed my least favorite part of the day.

However...there is something to be said for this weekend. Temperatures rose above freezing, people. This is a huge deal. Yes, snow still is packed on the ground in a great snowball consistency, and more is scheduled to come, but it was about 50 degrees out and it felt tropical. So of course the afternoon called for coffee hunting and exploring around otherworldly (seriously) territory. And this means crossing the world's skinniest bridge over the Delaware, seeing the pretty riverside lights, blurry shots from the car's windshield, and attempting to bring on the spring by wearing flats instead of fleece lined boots.

So...how was your weekend? ciao, xo


  1. Love these shots! Looks like a great weekend. With the way the temperatures have been lately, I'm dancing around when it's above freezing, for sure! It also might be because I'm from the south :)

  2. The above freezing temperatures rocked! My weekend was productive and really busy. It is good to feel somewhat caught up on my life. Your otherworldly weekend sounds pretty thrilling, I must say. And I love these pictures!

  3. great captures! aimless drives sound good - and i grew up in northern jersey! :)

  4. One time I was driving to my grandparents house, and I accidentally missed my exit and ended up in Wisconsin! It was one of my first trips driving by myself, and I stopped on the side of the road and cried for like 15 minutes. Taking a road trip to another state is way more fun when you have a car companion :) great pictures!