{  yearning for italian breakfasts; dreaming of spring;
a bunch of tulips for my table; a sunny but freezing cabin weekend  }
{  new vans! and a road trip; a really old selfie which makes me want to wear skirts...;
a latte from this cafe; bunches of lilies brightening up the living room;
a last glimpse at the snow; standing in the middle of long beach boulevard  }

- - -

for the record - last week I smelled spring.
everyone has this moment. when they walk outside on that
chilly yet almost-spring-sunny day...
and you can smell the thaw. the combination of
birds chirping, the angle of the rays of sun...
builds up to that audio-visual hint of spring.
add that smell - i can't describe it - and the fever starts.
if you follow my instagram (@tmango77)
 you can probably tell that I am way too excited
for the warmer weather. :) no shame!

happy monday + have a great week! (hope it's warm)
ciao, xo

ps. oh! and happy st. patrick's day! 


  1. Lovely instaphotos! The flowers are super pretty!

    Now following your lovely blog on Bloglovin'
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. I love all the pops of color. From the pink tulips to the yellow lines in the road. Beautiful view of everyday life :)

  3. Tulips get me every time

  4. You have completely made me become a lover of tulips! I've never really cared for them much until your pretty photos of them. I'm absolutely loving that pink skirt! I need that outfit...and that latte.