good morning, november

When we let Scout off the leash…she doesn't run, trot or jump…she gallops and leaps! 
She sniffs odd-looking patches of thorny shrubs and wanders through rustling leaves.
Sometimes there's a critter in there that spooks her and sends her running.
She loves the park. And I love it too. 

I recently discovered this little brook with the tiniest of waterfalls. Such a serene place.
If you've been following along my posts lately, I've mentioned that work is kind of kicking my butt.
I am still figuring it all out - and trips to the park certainly have been helping.
I go in feeling stormy and frustrated sometimes, especially on sundays before a long week ahead..
and come out feeling much more capable, less overwhelmed, more determined and focused.
It gets you in touch with what matters..

I've got to take a leaf out of Scout's book…(get it!? leaf!)
and be okay with prancing around more. getting excited just to be outside and in the beauty of nature.
Before I know it, we've walked and ran four miles and do our hearts a little good, too.

- - -

on another note…it's November! When did this happen?! Why is it dark now at 4pm!? Goodness me.
I find myself snacking on leftover halloween candy and
yearning for my camera to take pictures of even more leaves…
next stop…Thanksgiving!

ciao, xo


  1. i don't know either how it's already november. but it's gonna be great anyway, isn't it?

  2. i want fall leaves in my life!