things i am excited for…(holiday edition)

cozy weekend mornings in.
taking the time to wrap and decorate gifts :)
snowflakes in my hair and on my eyelashes

a cheerful christmas tree

houses adorned with lights and wreaths

making toasts and cheersing :)

untainted snow

choosing a tree

baking cookies

festive outfits.

evenings near the fireplace.

the season's first real snowfall.

warm and fuzzy blankets. preferably plaid ;)

for the first time…in about 2 years…i feel like i am able to actually enjoy the time we all anticipate the holidays. aka right now.
the time when we're still in that comfortable grace period of brainstorming what to buy for gifts.
when we see the first heartwarming set of christmas lights in the neighborhood/
when hearing christmas songs is delightful and fresh, not oppressive. :)
riiiiiight now.
what are you looking forward to as winter draws nearer?

ciao, xo


  1. Love all these images.. makes me excited for Christmas! I'm hoping that somewhere in the midst of my crazy 12hr ER shifts, I can still enjoy some shopping time and such!

  2. ahh makes me so excited for winter!!

  3. This posts makes me so happy. We've had about 4 or 5 snows so far, but nothing really has accumulated. I'm excited to get our tree tomorrow, as well as to spend our first Christmas with our little bundle of awesome.