scenes from my weekend

It must be peak-leaf weekend, because driving around and seeing all of the intense shades of orange and yellow and red over the past two days was glorious. What a pretty weekend, punctuated by equally pretty lattes and delightful outings with friends. This weekend was muuuuch needed. Work stress has been a constant high pressure for me, and I am hoping that this will soon change…

I've been spending my weekend mornings is saturday and sunday walks with my mom. First off I have been looking at old italy photos, back in a magical time when I lived 8+ floors up, no elevator, and walked everywhere…I miss those legs. So not only have I been trying to get back in shape and walk off the multiple takeout dinners of the week…but I've been enjoying the lovely catchup time with mom and admiring the scenes of the park. Sometimes we bring Scout and she frolics along like the happiest little grasshopper.

November is a month of birthdays so I have been scouring etsy for the perfect little somethings for my family. I am in LOVE with the speedy service and amazingly dainty look of this shop, and I can't wait to give my gifts.  I also am so giddy for Christmas, it's not funny. I can't wait for Christmas carols, holiday lights, the anticipation of it all, the green and red, and cozy nights in with the fireplace roaring and lots of hot chocolate and wine…

Ah, this time of year! I love it more and more as I get older.  Here's to finding the serenity of every weekend!

ciaaaoo, xo


  1. I LOVE this time of year too! I am really having a hard time not burning my Christmas candles, watching my favorite Christmas movies, and listening to my favorite Christmas carols right now! I just love everything about it.

  2. Oh how I miss walks with my parents! But they'll be flying out this week, yeah! And that etsy shop is adorable - what did we ever do before etsy? And how is it that all of your coffee shops have such adorable mugs?!

  3. sound and look like a nice relaxing weekend. we're a bit cranky here due to the 38 celcius degree weather. so freaking hot. it gets people cranky