the instagrams that never were

All too often I'll screenshot a photo I love and just see what it would look like with an instagram filter...
from the top...strolling in the street in the early fall || overlooking an italian courtyard
|| some lovely french riviera fleurs || a glimmery goofy shot of S and I 
|| my favorite wax seal from montepulciano || a delectable, decadent cheese plate from talulah's garden || one of my favorite canal-side restaurants || another halloween shot from the weekend

Lately life has been so busy that these are the only snapshots of daily happy that I have!
I wish I had time to break out the camera - which really is my favorite - but every weekend is booked up, every minute is accounted for.
not to mention everyday...
so consequently...as you may have noticed, blogging isn't a #1 top priority for me at the moment.
career! work work work! job! of course.
sometimes its hard for me to even picture what summer life was life, or what italy felt like, or that simple moment I marveled at those french flowers.
was that even me!? how could it have been? life just got so...hectic.

I keep in tune with that little sliver of me through my pictures, my friends, planning fun adventures.
even the little things.
i have a bunch of things and little events here and there to look forward to, and that is keeping me happy. :)

ah, thoughts...there i go again!
ciao, xo

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  1. Cute pictures!

    Don't worry, everyone gets busy, and you need to focus on important things :)

    Hmm maybe...