five things for friday

1. bracelets from Etsy are totally my thing right now.
2. plans for the weekend: bday shopping and possibly jumping in a leaf pile somewhere.
3.  nonpariels (above) are the very best kind of sprinkles.
4. i am so thankful for the people in my life right now. new and old. you, yes YOU! :)
5. daylight savings has now made it light out when i drive to work. it's weird, but i like. i think.

happy weekend, people! ciao xo


  1. I love this photo and I love that you add nonpariels to your hot cocoa. :) So adorable. Hope you have a lovely weekend shopping, and I also hope you find a leaf pile just waiting to be jumped in! I'm off to Starbucks this weekend to spend some major quality time in my medical books as I have some big end-of-rotation exams next week. Yuck. Anyhoo, have a lovely weekend girly!

  2. What an amazing feeling to have people to be thankful for :) Hope you've had a lovely weekend.