blogging rut + some plans

Alrightttt, guys, I admit it, I am in a blogging rut. January around here just isn't all that interesting. In a weird way, I'm not bored or unhappy - actually I am finding it more calming than ever. But there just isn't anything that is popping out an inspiring me.  I haven't felt the need to create. I am minding my own business, just doing my thing; going to work, working on work, planning ahead for the future (possible summer travels?!), looking forward to downtime at home, time out with friends, and runs/walks with mom. And the occasional (aka all too frequent) tea time.

as for our potential travel plans this summer, S and I want to take a trip - we are still in the brainstorming phase, obviously. Since I went to Italy (and he did, too!) last summer, we are thinking of keeping our trip domestic, to save some $$$ - and these are just some current ideas we have for the summer.

Well, our top three (and ever changing) ideas are the Florida Keys, and a possible west-coast blend of Seattle and San Francisco. Two really different trips. I am at a total loss, feeling stuck between the two and kind of unsure about what I really want. I have never traveled all that much within the US! Do you have any advice or words of wisdom (or recommendations?!). Basically, the whole conflict is we can't decide whether we want a more fast-paced, sightseeing sort of adventure vs. a relaxing, tropical getaway.

Problems, right? I know.

ciao! xo


  1. I'm like you--haven't traveled that much in the US! When I think of big travels, I think of Europe. But, I really do want to explore our pretty little country. Seattle is towards the top of my list! I really want to go. However, a tropical and relaxing trip sings songs to my heart! I look forward to hearing what you decide!

    As for your rut, don't worry! Take time, relax, and you'll bounce back. No need to rush or force it. :)

  2. Key Largo is wonderful! And depending on what you're wanting to do, would probably be a good bit cheaper as far as things to do/food around the area.

  3. With regard to your blogging rut, you sound just like me! Well, just like me a few weeks ago. Like you, I was completely content not blogging all of the sudden. I think that is just needed sometimes. I got out of my rut when I started reading more, and making more time for things I enjoyed. Then I suddenly felt inspired. Hang in there, and don't rush. As for your trip, I love traveling the US and my vote would be Key Largo since I am personally craving a trip to somewhere warm and sunny. Can I come with you?

  4. I get in blogging ruts all the time. January is the worst month so I have been feeling particularly uninspired (or maybe just unmotivated) lately!


  5. I can so relate to blogging ruts--I just don't worry about it. lol. Glad you have been enjoying your time...it sounds fun and relaxing! I have heard great things about seattle...but never been there!

  6. I went to the Florida Keys back in August and loved it! Summer is off-season down there too so it's less crowded; it's just really hot. I have posts from my trip if you want to check out my August 2013 archive. We were there for four or five days, and I wish we could have stayed longer.

  7. Seattle is one of my faves... we go up a lot since we're only 2.5 hour drive from there. It's a really cool city!