l to r: a half frozen lake nearby my home; a pretty sundown over the philly skyline;
a throwback from a lovely evening stroll in florence; chatting over a latte with my best friend;
sherbet that i would say yes to on a much warmer day; new kicks (nike free! love those);
cold day errands with possibly the best caramel macchiato ever made; sushi dates with my dad.

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January has been bitterly, bitterly cold. Some of my new favorite things are sushi dates with my dad.
Who knew I liked sushi? This is a new development, as of this past summer. My favorite is shrimp tempura.
Is that even real sushi, sushi snobs? I don't know. But hey...baby steps. 
Another new favorite thing of mine is my pair of Nikes. I've hopped on the neon trend, maybe two years too late.
I went on my first run with them last week and really felt like I was wearing air. Does that sound weird?
Other oldies but goodies...my caffeine, evening lights in the city, and of course...italy!

what has january been bringing you so far? ciao, xo


  1. You didn't know you liked sushi?! Well, I am just glad you know now. You know what weirdly tastes really good with sushi? Tater Tors. There is a restaurant here that serves them with sushi and the combination is surprisingly delicious.

  2. I love these photos! Also, welcome to the sushi world! I've been loving it since I was 16 or so. And yes, you have to start somewhere. Soon you'll like the freaky weird sushi and you won't look back. ;)

  3. I like how you just throw in the "stroll in florence" :) can i come next time?

  4. january is cold, cold, cold! i can't wait for it get warmer around here.. and lighter too!

  5. I love your blog

  6. I am such a wimp when it comes to sushi, the only thing I eat are the CA rolls. I don't like fish, besides shrimp and lobster, let alone raw fish. Yuck! And Nike Frees are the best aren't they? I need a new pair and hoping to find myself a pair of neon ones as well!


  7. Those nike kicks are adorable!

    xx http://niculeley.blogspot.com/