ten things

ten things

Ten things that are getting me through dreary January...

1. Korres lip butter, which I never thought I'd love this much. I am finding myself substituting it instead of chapstick - and I love the color. This little pot of goodness is a go-to nowadays...I have it in a lighter shade, but would love to try out a darker, dramatic red!

2. My cross body bag from Coach (similar above). I have never realized how much I liked  having my hands free with a cross body bag. I used to use a wristlet, and even that got annoying. This little guy goes with my black jeans, and is quite slim; it fits a pretty good amount of my stuff. See it here. 

3. Elf!! My goodness, where have I been? I missed the memo on Elf. So their cream eyeliner is a new favorite of mine; I use it more for nights out with friends rather than work, because you can really create a serious cat-eye. The price is right, and it's at Target...so to get ahold of.

4. A little treat to myself in 2014 is a subscription to Birchbox. I have been really excited to get my little box in the mail (I got one for mom too, and it's fun to open them together!). I am still figuring out how it works - I keep getting tea, which I already have enough of - one of the best products I have found so far through Birchbox is the Beauty Protector line. Really good stuff for hair!

5. My first pair of Nike Free sneakers - and my first ever neon shoes - are making me pretty happy. I know this is lame, but workout gear actually makes me want to work out...it's a sure fire way to motivate me.

6. Starbucks! Duh. I have some gift cards to put to work from Christmas and couldn't be more excited. I think it's actually kind of pathetic the effect of the "idea of having coffee" or "sneaking out after work for Starbucks" gives me...

7. Okay, I have a serious obsession with Downton Abbey. And thank the heavens above that season 4 is underway. I think I have memorized the scripts from every previous episode. I have this secret belief that I am Lady Mary to the core (or at least was) and can't wait to see how the season plays out. I already have my predictions and favorites and least-favorites. :) 

8. Jergens Natural Glow foam has been a long time moisturizer I use, because I have a serious affinity for bronzeness - except that this time of year, the doldrums, I am the pastiest and palest and feel just so gross. Jergens is kindaaaa helping.

9. I've found that I am beating my black jeans from AE into the ground from constant use. I have worn these jeans through high school and have just never found the willpower to switch to another brand. These just work! And right now AE is selling them for under $30! I might need to buy more, since I am wearing them every weekend, getting good use out of them.

10. My favorite bracelet is an Alex and Ani that my best friend gave to me last year for my birthday. I wore it every single day in Italy and I feel weird if I forget to wear it - it's simple, pretty, feminine, and I love the fact that people ask me where it's from. I get asked that a lot, actually! They're really cute gifts, and very stackable :) Just another thing that is making me happy. 

what's getting you through these ridiculously cold days?
ciaooo, xo


  1. love alex and ani! i love stacking my bracelets and mixing and matching them according to my mood! xo


  2. i've always thought about trying out birch box. i do love getting mail and sampling new products! candles, yoga, coffee, tea drinks, lots of rings, and warm sweaters for me :) x