pizza at tacconelli's

I think it's funny that I didn't even take pictures of the pizza - it is just too good to wait to eat it. For our family, it is a special place (more of a tradition) to visit, since its where my grandparents met. The ambience, and for me, imagining what that 1940s December night must have been like, is pure magic. That's when my grandparents met - right over the jukebox, where my sisters are pictured above. And plus, the pizza is just out-of-this-world fantastic. Crisp and thin crusted, just how I like it. If you ever go, make sure you call ahead - there are certain things you just need to know before you go - such as reserving your dough. It is all made fresh that day and baked in the huge brick oven, one at a time. Everything is worth the wait!

I can't wait to take my friends here - the more, the merrier. I have my favorite pizza places around home, but this counts as one of my all-time favorites (even including Italy…I know). 

2604 East Somerset Street
Phila., PA 19134


  1. Holy moly this sounds amazing. True story---but wasn't a huge pizza fan before getting pregnant. Now? I could eat it EVERYDAY. lol. And no doubt this place is amazing!