{1st #PSL of the year had to be iced...come on, still a couple days of summer left!
admiring the cute ivy league residences of princeton, nj
gorgeous jewel tone water of the pacific
my first ever acai bowl}

{killer shrimp! ah-mazing.
bright white interiors are seriously inspiring - so timeless and classic
new hat! got it at nordstrom rack :)
view of point vincente light - see more of that gorgeous cliff here}

{home made latte! still have to master cream and latte art...
mama-daughter date at a new italian restaurant
palm trees of redondo beach from last month's travels
goofing off in front of the camera for a new look!}

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- - - 

if you follow me on instagram, i feel that I owe you an apology...
August I kind of went overboard...SO many pictures.
Which begs the question - how much is too much?
Like, in a day?
I am pretty sure that during my trip to california I posted up to 4x/day.
kiiiiiinda overkill.
so, my apologies. 

anyway, in retrospect, August and early September have been stunning.
The summer in general was so good, so so good. 
Weather was actually delightful, rather than oppressive;
I was able to travel...thank my lucky stars for being so blessed.
Really kicked my butt into shape with running and exercising - slow progress, but I notice it. 
so happy with these things. so happy with this life!
I am feeling so content, even with work - I am surrounded by goodness 
and feeling so grateful for it all.
AND - to top it off - today is Friday!
so I am one happy girl.


  1. I just tried my first Acai bowl this week too! It was DELICIOUS.

  2. Too many IG photos... pssshaww... no such thing ;) Mine have all been residency-related this week. It's been crazy to say the least.

  3. that blueish green water is soooo beautiful! oh my word! And girl, I love seeing your instagrams, so keep 'em comin'!