bag envy

Every once in a while I get the urge to browse for a new bag! I rarely splurge on handbags, because when I buy a bag it goes through some goooood usage, let me tell you. After a little bit of time though, the usual wear and tear starts to appear and it loses the appeal it once had...ah! I also hate to have a bunch of unused bags wasting away in the closet, so I only keep a few "in circulation" to avoid clutter.

My current bag (pictured) is my work bag and sometimes weekend bag. I looove it! It's a piece from Urban Outfitters, which I mainly bought for its deep and roomy pockets (I am such a fan of pockets). My only complaint is that it doesn't stand up straight by itself like a normal tote does. So it is a bit floppy, which is causing me to eye up the following bags (above) for a next potential purchase?! Honestly, these bags are mostly out of my price range, but it is fun to dream. And I am really impressed by the bags at Fossil! I love the mint colored cross body with the leather strap, it adds such a classic touch and could easily fit into any outfit.

As you may also see I loveeee bright colored bags, and all accessories for that matter. I wear grey and black and other neutral colors SO often, that I find that my accessories are often my only bright POP of color.

Hope you have an  a m a z i n g  week!

ciao, xo

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