college visit

Princeton and Nassau street were gorgeous this weekend.
This impromptu college visit (as if) was the perfect way to spend a 68 degree saturday.
Every single cherry tree and magnolia was blossoming, and the streets were lined with
stunning puffs of pink and white flowers! 
My best friend J and I were hunting for a great latte (we were successful)
and I think we didn't expect the day to be as gorgeous as it was.
It was also a little otherworldly to be walking on such hallowed grounds.
Einstein walked these streets! He's one of my favorites.
It is so cool to me that I can hop in my car and just drive so close to such an influential place.
People watching in this kind of place is so interesting.
People watching over a really great cappuccino makes it all the better, too... :)

happy spring! yay!
ciao, xo


  1. Looks like a beautiful weekend trip! The weather sounds like it was lovely for you!

  2. Such beautiful photos! I love the photo with the blooming trees! So pretty!

  3. Looks like such a perfect weekend.
    I love finding blogs with beautiful writers/photographer combos.
    I am feeling so inspired whilst stalking you. (creepppppy).