hair chop

A healthy hair chop a few times a year is something I completely believe in. Long, mermaid-like {real} hair that is fishtail-able and timelessly beautiful is hard to keep healthy. Especially if you're styling it all the time, with hair straighteners, wavers and curling irons. And processing it with highlights or some other sort of chemicals.

So, a few days ago I cut about three inches off my hair. And I feel naked. And awkward. And sort of like a second grader. During the cut, I was all, "yessss!" but then the days that came later, I tugged at my short ends and wished I could do what I used to. So my goal is, for the next few weeks, post some ideas for styling shorter length hair with some of my spring posts. A new start is always refreshing, no?

ciao, and happy friday! guys, aren't you proud that I posted every day this week!? :)


  1. A haircut is a fresh start in the style department :)

  2. I just cut about 3 inches off too! The thing about long hair is unless you chop it all off, no one notices, haha. But that's okay, I love having it feel super healthy! Your hair looks so cute though:)

  3. After having long hair for a long time, I usually feel the need to chop it all off too (think chin length...really short!)...and then miss my long hair a few days later! But I recently got a short hair cut that I love...and I love it because I didn't chop off quite as much as I usually do. I cut off the dead ends, and went a little shorter, but not too short like I'm usually tempted to do! It's just at shoulder length right now, and I've really been enjoying it. Thanks for your thoughts! :)

  4. I LOVE your new length! Your hair is probably saying, "Thank you!". I am in desperate need of a trim, too. I'd love to see some ideas for shorter hair!