inspo for may '14

ooooh! ok, may, I am ready for you.
Thank goodness the sun is coming...warmth is coming...summer is coming.
The winter seemed endless but I can say with pure happiness that
it is maxi dress season, time for wedges and sandals and sun-washed brightness.
things I want to do more in May: run and jog, sit outside after work, spend time with friends.
more dining al fresco and wearing dresses. even to work! aaaand travel. near and far.
things I want to keep doing, that I have been: cafe hunting, taking (more) pictures, and laughing.
I am full of ambition and anticipation for this month and the summer that follows it!
could. not. be. more. excited!

ciao! xo


  1. I'm with you on all those things! Lovely inspiration photos!