winter birdwatching

Dream career: to be a National Geographic photographer. I felt like one when I snapped these photos outside the window over our snowy, frozen-over garden. There is nothing quite as serene as a quiet, snowy morning hearing the birds chirp outside the window. And these birds! Look at their magnificent colors. The cardinal especially is just so beautiful against the snow, so elegant. I took these through the window but I actually love the blurred, bright effect. Magically, the details in the birds' feathers are just-enough there appreciate the variegated lights, darks, and whimsical patterns.

I think photography takes skill, I really do. But I think even more than skill it takes serendipity - being in the right place at the right time. There are so many things that factor into a good photo, and when they all seem to happen in one spontaneous, joyful, unplanned moment... is there anything better than getting to capture that with your camera?

ciao, xo

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